April 2018 Teacher Training Applications Now Open!

Apply now to start our teacher training course in the UAE in April 2018!

If you’re thinking of training to be a teacher, now is the perfect time to apply. Applications are open for our teacher training courses starting in April 2018.

We have a range of teacher training courses available, including routes which offer UAE endorsed or internationally accredited qualifications, plus teacher training for those who have prior teaching experience as well as those who are completely new to the teaching profession. Not sure which route is right for you? Read all about our different teacher training routes, or simply talk to us!

Once you’re ready to apply, read our 5 Simple Steps to Teacher Training in the UAE.

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Head of the Leadership Academy Appointed

TELLAL welcomes the newest member of the team: Shanti Clements, Head of the Leadership Academy…

Shanti Clements joins TELLAL from Sydney, Australia, with more than 24 years of experience working in the field of education, personal development and leadership research.

The daughter of a refugee who knows the challenges facing students from low socio-economic and multicultural backgrounds, Shanti has always been a strong advocate for social justice, equity and excellence for students and teachers. She spent eight years as Principal at Beauty Point Public School, and during this time she transformed the learning community and culture resulting in the school being recognised as one of the highest performing in Australia. In 2017, she was recipient of the Commonwealth Bank Australian Teaching Awards and made an inaugural Leadership Fellow.

Shanti believes in having a strong grasp and understanding of the changing national and international policy contexts within which teachers are delivering profound educational changes, and is particularly interested in programmes that value community consultation and school culture.

Leading from the Head

As Head of the Leadership Academy, Shanti brings an understanding of international leadership best practice, research and change theory to help grow and enhance TELLAL’s leadership programmes. One of her key priorities will be to extend the leadership pathways to develop programmes that cater to the leadership needs of high-level senior leaders and experienced principals. “By expanding the approach to include new research on vertical and horizontal ‘leader’ and ‘leadership’ development, we will embrace new thinking and global perspectives on ways to enhance leadership mindsets and capabilities for school and system improvement,” she explains.

Licensing and Leadership

As teacher licensing is rolled out across the UAE, Shanti sees a huge opportunity for TELLAL to support the nation’s schools and leaders: “Teacher and Principal Licensing brings an exciting opportunity to embrace educational change and review the way schools and leaders operate. There is the potential to streamline how school leaders collectively drive educational improvement and build the capacity of their teams. At the same time, ensuring that we balance system reform with principal wellbeing, empowerment and self-regulation is an area in which I can provide leadership support.”

Fostering School-Centred Leadership Pathways

Joining the team at such a critical time in the evolution of the UAE’s education system, Shanti is keen to make the most of her newcomer’s eyes and ‘beginner’s mind’: “I’m very much looking forward to getting into schools at the earliest juncture, and understanding the opportunities and challenges principals and senior leaders currently face to develop programmes and leadership initiatives that support their learning needs and school contexts. I am passionate about supporting the learning and growth of aspiring, novice and experienced leaders so that they flourish and develop the necessary global, educational, organisational and strategic skillsets.”

Within its Leadership Academy, TELLAL offers a range of leadership development programmes for all levels of school leaders. Find out more.

Trainer of the Month: Rachel Higgins

Our Trainer of the Month for January 2018 is Rachel Higgins, Principal at JPS.

Each month we celebrate a member of our teaching community who has delivered an outstanding training experience for teacher trainees or professional peers. The title of Trainer of the Month is awarded based on professionalism, workshop evaluations and feedback.

Rachel led a dynamic workshop titled “Growing Your Own – Performance Management & Professional Development” as part of the Principal Development Programme. The Principal Development Programme is level six of TELLAL’s eight-tier Leadership Programme and is aimed at school leaders who are on a development path to become Principals within the next two or three academic years.

The feedback on Rachel’s workshop was outstanding, and the approach of cross-school collaboration was a highlight for participants:

“As usual, some great discussions and sharing taking place between schools. I really love discussing the challenges and processes across the network”
“The opportunity to network with others and to get a chance to talk with a very experienced Principle in GEMS was invaluable”

Well done, Rachel, for a great session that was so highly valued by the participants.

To find out more about the PLD courses, workshops and activities on offer to GEMS teachers, look out for TELLAL’s Weekly Communique in your inbox. Not receiving it? Check your junk folder or contact us to let us know.

UAE Educational Leadership Licences: What, How and When?

Educational Leadership Qualification will be one of the main prerequisites for the UAE Educational Leadership Licence…

School Principals and Head Teachers will be required to hold an educational leadership qualification under the UAE’s new Teacher and Educational Leadership Licensing scheme, and/or demonstrate relevant experience in an Educational Leadership Role.

Introducing Educational Leadership Licensing in the UAE

As part of the incoming TEL SUAE (Teacher and Educational Leadership Licensing) scheme, Head Teachers and School Principals will be required to hold an approved educational leadership qualification at QFEmirates Level 7 or above from a recognised institution, and/or demonstrate relevant experience in an Educational Leadership Role.

The KHDA set out its requirements for school leaders in Dubai in late 2017, as the emirate geared up for the mass roll-out of the nationwide teacher-licensing scheme beginning this year. School Principal Licensing is part of the same TELS UAE framework as Teacher Licensing, but has different requirements and leads to a separate Provisional Principal Licence, and ultimately to Competent Principal Status.

Applying for a UAE Principal Licence

The first step to securing a Provisional Principal’s licence is to submit an application by Thursday 15th February 2018. The application is a thorough and rigorous process, requiring existing Principals to provide appropriate evidence of their leadership capabilities, aligned to the UAE Educational Leadership Standards. Provisional licence holders will then have 12 months to meet the requirements and apply for Competent Principal Status.

Provisional Principal Licence Documents and Requirements

To apply for a provisional principal’s licence, a school Principal must provide:

  • A copy of their valid UAE Residence Visa and School Employment Contract
  • Language Proficiency Certification (IELTS Level 7), if applicable
  • Appropriate subject qualification from a recognised institution at a minimum UAE QFEmirates Level 7)
  • A recognised educational leadership qualification at QFEmirates Level 7 or above from a recognised institution, and/or evidence of relevant experience in an Educational Leadership Role
  • Good Standing Evidence (Good Conduct Certificate from Dubai Police and a letter from the school authorities confirming good standing; plus police clearance certificates from any other countries of residence over the past 5 years)
  • Fitness to Work self-declaration or medical report

Competent Principal Status Documents and Requirements

To be granted a full Principal Licence and Competent Principal Status, school leaders must provide:

  • Provisional Principal Licence
  • Evidence of completion of the Compulsory Professional Development Training
  • Leadership Project
  • DSIB Principal Report
  • TELS UAE Principal Licensing Examinations certificates*

*All Principals must pass the Principal Licence Examinations for TELS UAE Standard 1. Principals are also required to pass exams for Standards 2-4, unless their Educational Leadership qualification or Principal Licence was issued in Australia, United Kingdom, Canada (Ontario) or USA. Principal Licence or Educational Leadership qualification holders from these countries are exempt from the exams for Standards 2-4.

Looking Ahead: Principal Licence Renewal

Competent Principal Status, or a Principal Licence, is valid for 3 years. During this time, all Principals are required to build a portfolio of evidence in line with the UAE Educational Leadership Standards. When licence renewal comes around, Principals will undergo assessment of their portfolios and will have to provide evidence of maintaining their professional development in the 6 compulsory areas. They will also be required to submit the last 3 years of DSIB reports.

From our part-time, internationally accredited Educational Leadership qualification to mock exams and ePortfolio preparation, we can help you as a School Principal to ensure that you’re personally ready to meet the KHDA’s leadership licensing requirements, as well as providing a full suite of teacher licensing solutions for your school. To find out more, simply contact us.


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