GEMS Education

To become a Tellal-qualified teacher is to open yourself up to a world of opportunity.

Through its partnership with GEMS Education, an international organisation whose history dates back more than 50 years, Tellal operates on a global scale, with a network of more than 11,000 teachers assigned to more than 70 schools in 14 different countries.

Tellal students have the opportunity to study a multicultural curriculum that prepares them for the unique cultural dynamic of the UAE, and instils in them a cultural sensitivity which can be applied in teaching placements all over the world.

While qualifying, Tellal teacher trainees work within the GEMS Education network, benefiting from the experience and teaching excellence of some of the best teachers in the world. The schools themselves are often multicultural environments, offering a chance to collaborate with, and learn from, fellow teachers with diverse and unique backgrounds.

Tellal-qualified teachers graduate with unparalleled career prospects. The global reach of the GEMS schools network offers exciting job opportunities, and Tellal’s career-long approach to personal growth and professional development means that qualifying to teach is the start of a journey of a lifetime.

Find out about TELLAL’s mission and vision as the UAE and Middle East’s foremost teacher training institute, and professional learning and development provider.

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