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Michelle Shanti Clements
Michelle Shanti Clements, Head of Leadership Academy, TELLAL Institute

Head of Leadership Academy

With more than 24 years of experience in the field of education, personal development and leadership research, Shanti Clements is the Head of the Leadership Academy at TELLAL. Shanti joined the TELLAL team from her post as Principal at Beauty Point Public School, which she transformed into one of the highest performing schools in Australia.

A former Assistant Director of Leadership and Teacher Quality with the NSW Department of Education, Shanti supported the development of new school planning processes, external validation reviews and designed a leadership pathways strategy for NSW Public Schools.

An Honorary Associate with the University of Sydney, Shanti spent 10 years training and lecturing graduate teachers on the Masters of Education and Bachelor of Education degree programmes. A former journalist who worked on radio as a News reader and Current Affairs reporter, she remains committed to using her journalism skills to research new fields within educational leadership. Her publications include two co-authored books for the NSW Department of Education, Prejudice – No Way and the Pacific Islander Leadership Project. Her third book, A Seven Step Blueprint For Successful Schools, will be published in 2018.

Shanti is currently completing a Ph.D. thesis linking leadership, culture and school transformation.

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