Principal License Workshop: Leadership Improvement Projects

As part of the KHDA Leadership Permit Process for Competent Principal Status, all principals are required to demonstrate competence in the 4 areas of the UAE Principal Standards:

Professional and Ethical leadership, strategic leadership, educational leadership and operational leadership.
Principals will also be given two leadership projects to complete as part of the leadership licensing process. The first is a compulsory KHDA leadership focus, while the second project is a principal’s choice but must be aligned to a UAE Principal Standard.
TELLAL has designed a practical workshop to assist principals in driving pedagogical leadership. The workshop introduces 4 best-practice models to support principals and their school teams in designing, implementing and completing successful school improvement projects. The models provide a scaffold for principals to establish leadership projects that:
  • focus on quality student learning outcomes
  • improve learning and competencies for staff and students
  • enhance interactions between educators and students
  • build connection between all the people inside the school community as well as all the stakeholders outside the school i.e. learning culture
  • link to the UAE Standards for Teachers and Leaders
TELLAL has already run one successful workshop and will be offering another workshop on Wednesday 27thJune (8.00-10.00am) in the TELLAL Training Room. Please register for the workshop on OASIS.
We look forward to supporting principals and their school teams in the Leadership Permit process.
An Essential Qualification for the Essential Years

Despite years of international studies proving the importance of Early Years education on children’s future development and potential, many schools and educational providers are still only able provide generally trained staff for these age groups.

In reality, the impact of a specialised teacher on children in the Early Years stages can be crucial to their progress and continuing education.  This is just one of the reasons that TELLAL has launched their Early Years Specialist Route Teacher Training Programmes; to give all kids the best possible chance of success. 

These blended and flexible training programmes are fully accredited and international recognised teaching qualifications with apprenticeships that are delivered via a practice-based pathway known as School Centred Initial Teacher Training (SCITT).   Whether you are an aspiring teacher or an existing teacher who understands the value in expert training specific to Early Years development, there are multiple options to choose from that will enable you to connect with students in a more effective way.  The state-of-the-art blended programme is unique to the UAE and provides cutting-edge training techniques including face-to-face and avatar sessions, contextualised self-analysis and on-site practice learning.  Everything included in the modules has been purpose-built for the Early Years provisions and is delivered and supported by Senior Leadership experts currently running Early Years schools of their own.

As expected from a TELLAL institute course, this programme is designed to offer the highest quality of training.  Its unique levels of support from expert mentors, engaging assessments, use of placements and flexibility ensure that every participant can have confidence in their training and the opportunity to enhance their performance and careers.  Existing teachers can even fast track some of the course with our Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL). 

The foundation years for children are paramount in shaping who they will become; this course will ensure they receive only the best from their teachers.

Teachers in UAE to Gain International Qualification

A new partnership between TELLAL and Liverpool Hope University means practicing teachers in the UAE now have the opportunity to earn an international qualification.

Following on from 18 months of conversations between Liverpool Hope University’s Dean of Education and staff members of the TELLAL Institute, a new initiative for the training and licensing of teachers in Dubai has been established, with Teach Up iPCPP offering globally-orientated teachers an international qualification.

The successful UK-based university, which sits comfortably among the best universities in the UK in terms of its teaching quality, has validated a local course, which is aligned to local schools. Significantly, the TELLAL Institute has designed the provision itself within the context of the UAE.

Conveniently structured on an apprenticeship training programme, model students will work within a school context throughout the 10-month course of their studies and are able to apply in the classroom what they are studying during the course. “What this means,” explains Liverpool Hope University’s Revd Canon Professor Kenneth Newport, “is that existing teachers who are already working in schools, continuing with their teaching responsibilities, are further enhancing their professional expertise through their studies.”




Nexquare Joins Forces with TELLAL

Nexquare’s revolutionary data-centric approach to harnessing data in education make them perfect partners for TELLAL who are strong believers in collaboration and in leveraging innovation across their ecosystem.

Working actively with leading practitioners and global shapers through think aloud sessions in specific areas helps to push traditional boundaries. Nexquare’s vision is to create a single, integrated, data-driven education platform that can leverage existing and future innovations, allowing a seamless single point access to all users – enabling them to benefit from industry’s best innovations.

TELLAL and Nexquare have partnered to create a dynamic, digital eportfolio aligned to the UAE teaching standards and other first-of-their-kind digital tools to support the career growth of teachers and school leaders. The partnership will not only help existing teachers to upskill, but will support a solution to the pressing problem of teacher shortages. Africa is expected to experience a huge crisis in terms of teacher quantity and quality, needing more than 4 million teachers by 2030, while the GCC expected to have a shortfall of 200,000 teachers by 2030. Nexquare and TELLAL’S collaborative approach is to rethink the problem and come up with innovative solutions – before it’s too late.

According to Nexquare founder Raman Thiagarajan, harnessing data for better educational outcomes has “the potential to revolutionize in that everything can be stored in one place and continuously enhanced and improved.” This enables teachers to digitally evidence their practice in an intuitive and user friendly way, and provide them with a clear roadmap of their own professional development. Ensuring that each teacher receives sufficient guidance from assigned mentors within the system is a priority. As such the system need to be flexible, adaptable, multi-lingual and easily accessible for all.



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