Nexquare Joins Forces with TELLAL

Nexquare’s revolutionary data-centric approach to harnessing data in education make them perfect partners for TELLAL who are strong believers in collaboration and in leveraging innovation across their ecosystem.

Working actively with leading practitioners and global shapers through think aloud sessions in specific areas helps to push traditional boundaries. Nexquare’s vision is to create a single, integrated, data-driven education platform that can leverage existing and future innovations, allowing a seamless single point access to all users – enabling them to benefit from industry’s best innovations.

TELLAL and Nexquare have partnered to create a dynamic, digital eportfolio aligned to the UAE teaching standards and other first-of-their-kind digital tools to support the career growth of teachers and school leaders. The partnership will not only help existing teachers to upskill, but will support a solution to the pressing problem of teacher shortages. Africa is expected to experience a huge crisis in terms of teacher quantity and quality, needing more than 4 million teachers by 2030, while the GCC expected to have a shortfall of 200,000 teachers by 2030. Nexquare and TELLAL’S collaborative approach is to rethink the problem and come up with innovative solutions – before it’s too late.

According to Nexquare founder Raman Thiagarajan, harnessing data for better educational outcomes has “the potential to revolutionize in that everything can be stored in one place and continuously enhanced and improved.” This enables teachers to digitally evidence their practice in an intuitive and user friendly way, and provide them with a clear roadmap of their own professional development. Ensuring that each teacher receives sufficient guidance from assigned mentors within the system is a priority. As such the system need to be flexible, adaptable, multi-lingual and easily accessible for all.



Learning to be Leaders in Education

Having recently completed the International Professional Certificate in Education Leadership (iPCertEL), these teachers are optimistic about their future as leaders in the world of education.

Believing that learning to lead should be an integral part of your personal development journey, a handful of teachers took part in iPCertEL, an educational leadership development programme where the goal for the leader is to be critically and constructively self-aware, self-reflective and self-directed.

With the iPCertEL designed to fit the unique cultural dynamic of the UAE, it is highly flexible and internationally recognised. What’s more, credits from the iPCertEL could be used towards a Master’s degree should teachers wish to continue their studies.

Affording a unique opportunity for school leaders to learn how to identify and develop their own strengths and development areas, feedback from the participants has been overwhelmingly positive; it’s safe to say that the well-thought out, carefully constructed and brilliantly executed programme is working.

Katie Hart, one of the teachers who studied for an educational leadership qualification said in her testimonial that aside from the self-reflection she gained, she has also been reminded of the value and enjoyment of reading about leadership from experts in the field. 

Another participant Viny Agnes, who describes the lively sessions as an enriching learning and growing forum, says: “On whole the sessions were very informative and gave me the clear understanding of the course.” Adding that they had helped the group to improve their leadership skills, Viny said, “I am able to apply the skills in my day to day work.”

Aaron Short, who thanked the course leaders for making him feel “very encouraged”, said: “The programme was a good pace with time to reflect, opportunities to discuss and interact with other people, and time to begin the assignments with the support of peers.

Echoing these sentiments, Josh Pike, who thoroughly enjoyed getting stuck into the hands-on activities, said: “I’m really appreciative of the timely responses to emails.”

For Deepa Ramachandran, it was the in-depth knowledge of organisational culture and learning how to better understand academic writing that stood out for her, while Radha Madhukar loved the “interactive session on leadership styles which gave me more clarity about leadership values.”

The participants did not only leave the programme armed with valuable leadership skills, but also with new friends. Insisting that she will stay in touch with the other participants Katie says, “I have learnt so much from the other participants in the programme.  Learning about the different contexts and challenges that others face has been invaluable.”

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September 2018 Teacher Training Applications Now Open!

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If you’re thinking of training to be a teacher, now is the perfect time to apply. Applications are open for our teacher training courses starting in September 2018.

We have a range of teacher training courses available, including routes which offer UAE endorsed or internationally accredited qualifications, plus teacher training for those who have prior teaching experience as well as those who are completely new to the teaching profession. Not sure which route is right for you? Read all about our different teacher training routes, or simply talk to us!

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The Sharek Centre & TELLAL

TELLAL is proud to work in collaboration with the leading international experts in the field of Arabic language learning and teaching – the London-based Sharek Arabic Language & Culture Centre.

The Sharek Centre provides a unique, holistic and fully immersive approach to sharing Arabic language and culture. Sharek seeks to engaging and interact with students by sharing knowledge and new techniques, rather than just teaching old information. Their motto is

“We believe that language and culture are better shared than taught.”

TELLAL has partnered with the Sharek Centre with the aim of creating and developing the most up to date, innovative and effective Arabic teacher training methodologies. Sharek is directly involved in the design and delivery of our Arabic Teacher Training Programmes which have been developed specifically for delivery in Dubai and within the unique cultural context of the UAE.

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