Watch again – announcing partnership between TELLAL and CENTA

If you missed the live webcast on Wednesday you still have the chance to catch up on how teaching can become a global career. In this instalment of the CENTA #TeacherCareerOpportunities series, Dr. Linda Rush, Senior Vice President of TELLAL Institute UAE, talks to CENTA CEO, Ramya Venkataraman on career opportunities for teachers in UAE and the role CENTA certification of teacher competencies can play in making teaching aspirational as a career in India and globally. TELLAL and CENTA work closely together in creating career opportunities in UAE for teachers from India. Please follow the Facebook link here to watch the full video.

Successful Launch of the ‘Enabling the Exceptional’ Cluster Pilot Programme


This month, TELLAL launched the ‘Enabling the Exceptional’ cluster pilot programme with 150 participants attending. By introducing a dynamic ‘communities of practice’ approach to support the 24 schools participating in the project, TELLAL has provided staff and leadership training on higher order evaluative thinking, establishing data teams, data driven strategies, SEF evaluations, strategic planning and visible learning.

We look forward to introducing the programme to other GEMS schools and clusters after the pilot is completed.

Principals’ Workshop: Leadership Improvement Projects

As part of the KHDA Leadership Permit Process for Competent Principal Status, all principals are required to demonstrate competence in the 4 areas of the UAE Principal Standards:

Professional and ethical leadership, strategic leadership, educational leadership and operational leadership.
Principals will also be given two leadership projects to complete as part of the leadership competence process. The first is a compulsory KHDA leadership focus, while the second project is a principal’s choice but must be aligned to a UAE Principal Standard.
TELLAL has designed a practical workshop to assist principals in driving pedagogical leadership. The workshop introduces 4 best-practice models to support principals and their school teams in designing, implementing and completing successful school improvement projects. The models provide a scaffold for principals to establish leadership projects that:
  • focus on quality student learning outcomes
  • improve learning and competencies for staff and students
  • enhance interactions between educators and students
  • build connection between all the people inside the school community as well as all the stakeholders outside the school i.e. learning culture
  • link to the UAE Standards for Teachers and Leaders
TELLAL has already run one successful workshop and will be offering another workshop on Wednesday 27th June (8.00-10.00am) in the TELLAL Training Room. Please register for the workshop on OASIS.
We look forward to supporting principals and their school teams in the Leadership Permit process.
Keeping up-to-date with Early Years Support

As the UAE continues its commitment to exceeding global standards in education and innovation, the Ministry of Education has implemented new requirements for those in the industry, particularly surrounding the education of younger children.

To ensure adherence with these new Early Years training requirements, TELLAL is delighted to offer the CACHE Level 2 Certificate in Introducing Caring for Children and Young People. 

With this programme, all nannies and teaching assistants working in nurseries, Early Years settings and schools can be confident that their qualifications meet all the necessary rules from the Ministry of Education and the UAE Government.  In addition, this programme is awarded by the UK’s Council for Awards in Care, Health and Education and is the latest in a series of CACHE training qualifications offered by TELLAL, offering peace of mind through an internationally accredited and recognised course.  

Designed to fit around your existing schedule, this is a part-time, online learning programme which can be accessed when it suits you.  Each student is assigned a personal mentor for support and monitoring and student assessment is based on the evidence of them demonstrating work-based skills.   Whether you are already working in an Early Years setting or are looking for a career change, this programme will provide you the tools and study needed to excel.

تتصف ال KHDA Teacher Competence التي أعلنت عنها هيئة المعرفة والتنمية البشرية بأهدافها التي تتسم بالطموح والتحدي، لكن الحلول دائمًا موجودة لدينا لمساعدة المدارس…