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  • International Postgraduate Certificate in Teaching Practice (ATPda)
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  • Raji Jinu

    Hi i am interested in pursuing the International Postgraduate Certificate in Teaching Practice (ATPda) course.I am an Engineering Graduate with almost 6 years corporate work experience(non-teaching)in the UAE.I do not have the IELTS scores.Am i still eligible to pursue this course.

    Raji Jinu

    Thanks for the response Sarah.I have submitted my CV but have not received a call for interview yet.So does my CV qualify without an IELTS score.What is the criteria to be called for an interview

    Sarah Hole

    Hi Raji, to apply all we need is your CV and a few details submitting, the interview panel will review your CV and if appropriate will invite you for interview. Please check your junk/trash folder as they will contact you via email. The IELTS will be needed later.

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