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  • Teacher training application deadline?
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  • Sarah Simms

    Hello, can you let me know what the absolute last date to apply for the teacher training course starting August 2017 is? I think you’ve given a couple of extensions but I’m struggling to get my paperwork together. Thanks!

    Sarah Hole

    Hi Sarah, this is Sarah from TELLAL.

    To apply we only require a few details and your CV to be uploaded. The other documents will be needed when the programme starts in August, so please apply as soon as possible. We have interview dates coming up so we can include you in one of these dates.

    I hope that helps


    Shumaira Siddiqui

    Do u have online courses for teacher training?

    Sarah Hole

    Good morning Shumaira,

    Thank you for contacting the TELLAL Institute.

    Please contact us at, where we will be able to share all details of programmes on offer.


    Sarah from TELLAL

    Lema Oulabi

    Hi there,

    I am trying to apply for one of the Teacher training courses you have on offer through the website in the Register Now section, however there appears to be a technical issue as the webpage cannot be ‘displayed’.

    Please could you let me know how I could apply, as I am very keen.

    Also, I understand that there is an option for a salaried route, please provide further information on how to apply for this.

    Thank you

    Sarah Hole

    Good morning Lema,

    Thank you for contacting the TELLAL Institute.

    We did have an issue with the website, however this issue should now be rectified. Please try again and you should be able to complete your application.

    In regards to the salaried route, these opportunities are not available from the beginning of the programme, however if a position becomes available in the school you are placed in and you fit the criteria the school are looking for, they may offer you a salaried position before you have completed the programme.

    For more information please contact us at where we will be happy to answer any queries you may have.


    gladish upadhyay

    Hi sarah,

    This is Gladish from India can you please brief me about the programs Tella offering as,i’m confused what course should i opt basically m a English teacher with 4 years of experience and now looking forward for a global exposure so it will be a great help if you can help with the upper mention.


    gladish upadhyay

    Do u have online courses for teacher training?

    gladish upadhyay


    can you guys please counsel me on call

    Adinkrah Nicholas

    Am Nicholas, and I want enroll teach training course and I would like to know the cost involved and the duration period

    Rincy Alapatt

    When is the dead line for teacher training course this year 2018. Can i apply now for a course in September onwards..?


    Hello! Please i would want to know,the eligibility requirement for international scholars. Am a Bsc holder in educational management, what course could be best to advance this certification.

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