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  • Sarah Simms

    I’ve seen a lot of news about the UAE Licence to Teach in the past few weeks. It sounds as though this is going to come into effect from September – is that correct?

    I’m assuming my school will give me details of how/when/what I need to do so I don’t need to do anything for now? Will it form part of next year’s CPD or is it likely to be an additional requirement?

    Thanks, SS

    Sarah Hole

    Hi Sarah, this is Sarah from TELLAL.

    Please see the news report here link. This should explain the Teacher Licence procedure for you. There will be a role out across the schools over a long period of time, it isn’s something that will be completed in a year.
    Your school will receive information on the procedure from KHDA and then I’m sure they will be communicating with staff.


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