Teacher Competence Preparation

teacher training teachers on TELLAL professional trainer course

Compulsory KHDA PLD Programmes

The KHDA’s competence requirement specifies that schools in Dubai must ensure that all support staff undertake compulsory professional development in six core areas.

As a KHDA-approved training institute, we have created a suite of online modules to give schools easy access to the required learning and assessment.

Each of the modules is 10-hours, and provides the essential learning, assessment and accreditation in one of the following PLD areas as specified by the KHDA:

  1. Child Protection and Safeguarding (detecting and reporting child abuse, dealing with bullying)
  2. Dealing with people of determination (inclusion, catering for students with Special Educational Needs)
  3. Wellbeing (positivity, mindfulness, happiness, health and safety, hygiene)
  4. Diversity (dealing with students and colleagues from different cultural and socio-economic backgrounds)
  5. Sustainability (environmental awareness, conservation, green economy)
  6. Moral Education (civics, community, values, empathy, respect)

These training packages will be available shortly. If you would like further details in the meantime, simply get in touch.

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