12 Reasons Why You Should Train to Be a Teacher in 2018

If you’re thinking about changing career, there’s no better time to train to be a teacher. Here’s why you should make 2018 the start of something amazing…

1. Teachers make a difference

Teaching is not just a job. Many of our trainee teachers come to us because they want something more from life — and feel that they have much, much more to give than their current job allows. As a teacher, you’ll be opening up young minds, shaping young people’s early experiences of the world, and helping them grow into well-rounded, curious, empathetic and responsible adults. There’s no limit to the impact that a great teacher can have.

2. Teaching offers great employment prospects and career progression

The education field is booming in the UAE with Dubai’s KHDA projecting that an extra 120 new schools will be needed in the next 10 years. All of these schools (and the hundreds of existing ones) need teachers, team leaders, department heads, year/grade heads, deputy heads and principals. Schools in the UAE are very keen to develop their own leaders from within and retain talent, so you should have a good professional development route and career progression to match your abilities and ambitions.

3. Complete your teacher training in 10 months

In less than one year, you could be a fully qualified and salaried teacher, working in an international school in the UAE and starting a whole new chapter of your life.

4. Excellent teacher training experiences

Gone are the days of lonely long-distance teacher training through overseas universities. Homegrown UAE teacher training institutes like TELLAL offer structured teacher training with face-to-face tutorials, dedicated mentors and carefully selected and fully supported school placements. Students also benefit from cutting-edge technologies including avatar simulators and in-ear coaching to maximise their teaching practice and confidence during training.

5. The holidays!

Ok, well this is a bit of a fallacy. Ask any teacher and they will tell you that school holidays do not equal teacher holidays. Most teachers are still in class or meetings long after the children have left each day, and the school holidays are an important time to catch up on marking, plan future lessons and prepare for inspections. That said, students in Dubai will rack up 16 weeks of holidays over the 2017-18 academic year, so even if you spent half of those working, you’d still be doing pretty well compared to the average non-teaching contract.

6. Earn-while-you-learn potential

Put off by the course fees and a long training period when you’re not earning? Some teacher training institutes offer the potential to apply for a salaried training route so that you can earn during your training period. This is usually only open to the top performing trainees and those who already have some teaching experience as a classroom assistant or teaching support worker.

7. International portability of qualifications

Worried that your UAE teaching qualification won’t be valid when you move on or move home? In the UAE, you can train in whichever national curriculum suits your future relocation plans (eg British, American, Canadian, Indian, UAE). What’s more, internationally recognised qualifications are available through partnerships between training institutes like TELLAL and overseas universities. If you’re looking at teacher training courses, do your homework: find out which overseas university has validated the teaching qualification and how internationally well respected they are. When it comes to teaching overseas, it’s likely that you’ll have to jump through some extra hoops to gain qualified teacher status whichever teacher-training course you choose, but it’s essential to make sure that your qualification, at least, will be accepted.

8. Personal development

When you train to be a teacher, it changes you as a person. A good teacher is resilient, resourceful, reflective and collaborative, and a good teacher-training programme will help you develop these attributes. You’ll feel the impact of these changes on all aspects of your life.

9. Become a better parent

If you have children, you’ve no doubt at some point found yourself tearing your hair out because you just can’t get through to your kids. Well, imagine having the child development knowledge and the bank of behavioural strategies that a teacher has in their armoury. Sounds appealing, right?

10. Lower (or free) school fees for your own kids

Another benefit for parents and parents-to-be… how much would you love to see your kids’ school fees reduce or disappear completely? Although packages vary widely, it’s still possible to get free school places or reduced fees for your own children as part of a teaching contract.

11. Part-time work options

The possibility of part-time work has big appeal for many parents. While teacher training courses in the UAE are all full-time, and part-time teaching positions are by no means widespread, more and more schools are coming round to see the benefits of part-time teaching staff.

12. Give something back

When you become a teacher you become a key member of your school and the wider community. You’re a part of something bigger than yourself and your immediate family (which is also a great example to set for your own kids). It’s a really positive way to give something back to the UAE in return for the bountiful sunshine and tax-free salaries. As a teacher, you’ll be contributing to the country’s education and development, and helping its people to prosper and grow.

Take the leap. Train to be a teacher in 2018. You’ll be how much your life can change in a year. Find out more.

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