2016-17 End of Year Review, Dino Varkey

At the end of the 2016-17 academic year, GEMS Education’s Chief Executive Officer, Dino Varkey, looks back at some of the greatest achievements of the past 12 months and the impact of the GEMS mission on the lives of thousands of students around the world…

“Is it really the end of another school year? I have not had the privilege of being a teacher, so I would never be so bold as to surmise everything that you may be feeling right now. However, many decades ago, I did get to witness my grandparents during this time. They were exhausted and elated by the time summer came around. All at once, there was joy and sadness in their eyes. Saying goodbye to students, whether they are moving on to a new grade, or leaving school to attend university, a teacher suffers the same heartache that a parent would. But this feeling is momentary. This feeling is quickly replaced with feelings of pride and accomplishment. True joy that only teachers can lay claim to because you have shaped lives and dreams this year, just as you have every year. You know that you have unleashed potential and character that will change our world. I take pride in knowing that we have undertaken this cause, generation after generation, for almost 60 years.

We are sometimes guilty of undertaking too much. Our purpose of ensuring that every child has access to a quality education has meant that we relentlessly focus on providing this access to new countries and new communities that have the ambition and aspiration to secure their children’s future. These families know that every child starts out with the potential to better its own life and the lives of others. But not every child succeeds in doing so. The difference is education…” Read the review in full



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