An Essential Qualification for the Essential Years

Despite years of international studies proving the importance of Early Years education on children’s future development and potential, many schools and educational providers are still only able provide generally trained staff for these age groups.

In reality, the impact of a specialised teacher on children in the Early Years stages can be crucial to their progress and continuing education.  This is just one of the reasons that TELLAL has launched their Early Years Specialist Route Teacher Training Programmes; to give all kids the best possible chance of success. 

These blended and flexible training programmes are fully accredited and international recognised teaching qualifications with apprenticeships that are delivered via a practice-based pathway known as School Centred Initial Teacher Training (SCITT).   Whether you are an aspiring teacher or an existing teacher who understands the value in expert training specific to Early Years development, there are multiple options to choose from that will enable you to connect with students in a more effective way.  The state-of-the-art blended programme is unique to the UAE and provides cutting-edge training techniques including face-to-face and avatar sessions, contextualised self-analysis and on-site practice learning.  Everything included in the modules has been purpose-built for the Early Years provisions and is delivered and supported by Senior Leadership experts currently running Early Years schools of their own.

As expected from a TELLAL institute course, this programme is designed to offer the highest quality of training.  Its unique levels of support from expert mentors, engaging assessments, use of placements and flexibility ensure that every participant can have confidence in their training and the opportunity to enhance their performance and careers.  Existing teachers can even fast track some of the course with our Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL). 

The foundation years for children are paramount in shaping who they will become; this course will ensure they receive only the best from their teachers.

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