Arabic High Leverage Teaching Practice Modules

Arabic High Leverage Teaching Practice Modules Launch

As part of continuing efforts to expand our language avenues, TELLAL recently launched our Arabic High Leverage Teaching Practice modules.   As of January 2020, participants can now take advantage of these pioneering modules in their native language.

Arabic High Leverage Teaching Practice Modules

Our 2019 pilot study of the highly innovative HLTP modules proved to be very successful and well received.   The testimonials gathered showed the unique benefits of the modules and underlined the need to expand them into Arabic.  Participants who prefer to learn in Arabic can now learn online in Arabic and meet with Arabic speaking mentors.  This development allows for more efficient absorption and retention, uncomplicated by translation.   Studies have shown that learning in one’s native language is much better for pedagogical training.  By providing three of the HLTP modules in Arabic, with a fourth to follow shortly, native Arabic speakers and teachers can get expert training they can fully engage with.

Innovative Learning

Arabic High Leverage Teaching Practice modules provide instructional strategies for effective teaching and learning across all types of schools.  Conducted with a blended learning approach and approved by KHDA, they are cutting edge of teacher training.  As well as online studying, participants undertake a series of on-site face-to-face training in schools.  The current modules available in Arabic are:

  • Student Thinking
  • Meeting Student Needs
  • Organisation and Behaviour Management
  • Digitally Enhanced Learning and Development (Coming Soon)

Each of the modules uses the latest research to give teachers the most up-to-date tools to improve student learning and development.  Offering this visionary training, in the most accessible mediums, allows us to continue to strive for the best for our students.


If you would like to learn more about our Arabic High Leverage Teaching Practice modules or speak to one of our team about starting a course, please visit our website or get in touch via +971 (0)4 403 5146 or

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