Bringing a Passion to Life: Success Criteria and Visible Progress Workshop

Here at TELLAL we love training.  We love training new and current teachers, we love exploring new training techniques and we love doing training ourselves.  We know how important the right type or method of training can be to professional development and student empowerment; and we value the opportunity to learn from others in order to continually evolve our approach for the benefit of all.  Training is obviously at the centre of what we do, but it is also one of the most innovative parts of our organisation as we continually work to find the best ways in which to enhance training and help participants and trainers grow their own skills.  Many of our programmes are specifically designed to help individuals improve their knowledge and performance and expand their career trajectories.  When we have the opportunity to see the positive results of our programme blossom in a way that exceeds our expectations, that is particularly special and that is exactly what happened with Ilne Gevers.

In 2016, Ilne Gevers attended our two day Train the Trainer workshop, which you can read more about here, and quickly demonstrated a laudable commitment to her own professional development and ability to help others follow suit.  Since then she has been supporting TELLAL through Professional Development training all whilst developing her own workshop: Success Criteria and Visible Progress.   In her own words, “I have always believed in lifelong learning and therefore trained to be part of the TELLAL training team.  This has given me the support to develop and deliver online and face to face training to teachers and leaders from schools across the UAE.”

The goal of Ilne’s workshop, which she conceived and designed, is to ensure that all participants will leave the workshop with the ability to implement success criteria in their own lessons that would enable them to more effectively monitor student progress in their learning.  Ilne’s inspiration for the workshop came from a desire to “support teachers in meeting the progress expectations of the KHDA framework.” The first session of this workshop was held in February as part of the TELLAL Central Calendar and we received such high level feedback and interest that another one had to be scheduled swiftly to accommodate the demand.  In fact, out of a maximum score of 4, Ilne’s workshop received an impressive 3.8, with almost all participants reporting that the training enhanced their knowledge and understanding.  One commented, “the PD was well planned and Ilne ensured that we were engaged constructively, clearing up any doubts and sharing strategies that can be used in our classroom.  The AZ AFL techniques to track progress are simple and can be implemented in all subject areas.  The workshop helped deepen my understanding of Success Criteria being used effectively in a classroom”. 

Ilne also provided two bespoke sessions of her workshop to Cambridge International School and National School for Girls, so in total over 50 teachers have benefitted from her training this year.  It has been a wonderful journey to watch; from her passion for her subject, her commitment to training, her graduation as a trainer and the delivery of her workshop.  This type of evolution in our professional development and the facilitation that allows the sharing of learning practices is exactly the sort of thing we hope to accomplish at TELLAL.  

We must also mention the incredible support Ilne received from the leadership at MTS (GEMS Metropole School), who encouraged her at every step and allowed her the valuable time needed for her to support the network through her training and facilitation.  

If you would like to find out more about our workshops or are interested in developing one of your own through our Train the Trainer programme, get in touch via email at or phone us on +971 (0)4 403 5146

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