Collaborating Minds: Event Round up of Qudwa 2019

Last week the TELLAL team was privileged to be invited to join the exciting and innovative third edition of the Qudwa Forum. As well as having the opportunity to join forces with key members of the educational sector in the UAE, our Senior Vice President Dr Linda Rush was also asked to be one of the speakers at the event, an honour that reflects not only her personal expertise, but also the role TELLAL can play in shaping a brighter future for schools, teachers and students in the UAE.

In a recent article in our TELLAL Talks section, we spoke of our enthusiasm about participating in such an auspicious and productive event and we outlined some of the history behind the mission of Qudwa. Following on from this invite-only event itself, we wanted to share our insights and the innovative concepts discussed on the day.

Imagining new horizons

The theme for this year’s forum was ‘Teaching for Global Competence’ and the underlying focus was developing solutions and methodologies that will best prepare our students for the unique future that faces them. Many of us understand how different the world will look in the years to come, with careers not yet invented, greater synergy in global communications and potential shifts in geo-politics. With such uncertainty before us, as well as an understanding of new requirements for improved productivity and leadership in the workplace, it is inevitable that our conversation regarding educational practices is able to evolve effectively. Traditional pedagogies and historical structures are no longer necessarily the best way in which to deliver teaching practices or foster environments more conducive to learning. By uniting educational experts and government officials, Qudwa 2019 provided an opportunity for those in the know to share their insights and creativity in order for us to affect real change that could have positive generational impacts.

A 360˚ Agenda

The prestigious line-up of speakers for the Qudwa 2019 included the Minister of Education H.E. Hussain Ibrahim Al Hammadi, H.E. Dr Abdullah Al Karam, the Chairman of KHDA and H.E. Noura bint Mohammed Al Kaabi the Minister of Culture and Knowledge Development. Participants were faced with a bold and varied agenda that included master classes, panel discussions and specific sessions on topics such as Moral Education, Student-Centred Lesson Planning, 21st Century Fluency, Inclusivity, Peer Learning, Global Competency for Early Years, Educators without Borders and Critical Thinking in Education. There was a veritable feast of information, innovation and collaboration on every subject from classroom practices, governmental oversight, institutional well-being and continued professional development for teachers.

Embracing the unconventional

The sentiment of innovation and future-ready change was very much echoed by our Senior Vice President and members of the TELLAL team in their presentation on the topic of ‘Global Teacher Development through the lens of ‘Partnership Learning’: making the unconventional conventional’.   During the presentation Dr Rush examined the ways in which traditional structures can be a roadblock to essential change and that by being more open and receptive to innovative concepts, our educational institutions can significantly enhance their potential for success.   Stay tuned to TELLAL Talks for an exclusive in-depth look at Dr Rush’s presentation and its potential impact for teachers in the UAE and beyond.

For many of our team, this was an engaging and vital event that spoke to the dedicated and passion of those involved, as well as to the commitment of educational leaders and government bodies to the continued improvement of the education sector moving forward. We all know how crucial teaching can be for students and our ability to embrace necessary change could make all the difference in their educational journey.

Did you attend Qudwa 2019? Do you have some ideas on efforts that could be made to improve techniques or evolve our thinking? We would love to hear your thoughts and experiences. Stay in touch and join the conversation via our social media channels Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin.

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