Collaboration is driving the quality of Dubai’s education

At TELLAL we understand the value of collaboration.  Education is the key to the continued development of a successful society and the empowerment of future generations.  One of the best ways in which we continue to influence the positive evolution of education is through collaboration.  By working together to foster new ideas, develop innovative concepts and improve teaching methodologies we can discover best practices and learn how to keep educational standards moving in the right direction. Here in the melting pot of Dubai, the opportunity for collaboration is even greater.  With such high levels of diversity producing a wide range of resources for techniques and teaching styles, there is more potential than ever to utilise different experiences and expertise in order to continually improve our offerings to students.  Our classrooms house the dreams and talents of those who will follow us and our ability to shape their growth can never be underestimated.  Drawing from diverse resources to find the best routes to development will always produce better results. 

This ethos was recently given international recognition following the release of a new report from the World Bank which encouraged the continued efforts of Dubai in working together to improve collaborative practices.  As summarised by KHDA, the report was launched at the Global Education and Skills Forum (GESF) and was titled ‘Collaboration Road: Dubai’s Journey towards Improved School Quality’.   It noted that in the last seven school years, there has been a 40% increase in students, around 80,000, and over 76 new schools opened in Dubai.  The highlight of the report was on the impact collaborative initiatives have had, and will continue to have, on improving the educational system. According to Simon Thacker, the report’s author, Dubai represented a ‘remarkable opportunity to work across national and school cultures, and different ethnic and socioeconomic groups’.

The sentiment of collaboration is one that KHDA has long held as a central pillar to their mandate.  Hind Al Mualla, Chief of Creativity, Happiness and Innovation at KHDA said a “shared culture of collaboration has encourages schools to look beyond their own offering and see how things can be done differently”.    Their join session with the World Bank at GESF was focused on Dubai’s journey towards better school quality and how collaborative communication and integration could facilitate that evolution.  Dr Abdulla Al Karam, Director-General of KHDA, said, “It’s no longer about competition between schools but finding new ways to grow and flourish together.”

Dubai currently has four collaborative initiatives that have already generated successful results:

What Works Events: that united educators from private schools in sharing their best practices

Living Arabic: that promotes the teaching practices for the Arabic language

The Abundance Project: in which schools rated Outstanding or Very Good share their knowledge with others

The Lighthouse Project: that encourages collaboration and networking between school principals regarding specific topics

The efforts by KHDA to open the minds of school leaders to the benefits of collaboration have been transformative in improving standards across the board.  According to the report, “the collaborative initiatives promoted by the KHDA do something interesting: by encouraging teachers and schools to collaborate, they open schools to the richness and diversity of the educational landscape around them and create a greater and richer community of practice”.  If teachers are given the tools and opportunities to learn from others and share their experiences, we can all grow in more productive ways. 

From our work with Harvard Project Zero to our Early Years Network group, TELLAL remains committed to developing collaborative evidence-based solutions for teaching practice issues.  We take an active role in events such as the upcoming BETT MEA 2019 that strives to find ways in which technological innovations could support and improve the way we teach.  We believe that collaboration is the key to making sure our educational system is one of the best in the world.  If you would like to find out more about TELLAL partnerships and collaboration projects you can get in touch via email at or phone us on +971 (0)4 403 5146

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