Congratulations Graduates: Arabic ATP 24th November 2018

This weekend saw another amazing crop of students celebrate at their Graduation Ceremony for the Arabic ATP program.  Their hard work and dedication was evident for all to see as they were rewarded for their outstanding performance and the entire TELLAL team looks forward to seeing how their future in education will develop. 

We sat down with one of the new graduates, Habiba Hamdan to find out how she was feeling about the course and her new qualification:

Congratulations Habiba, you must feel so proud!  Did you enjoy the ceremony?  Who came with you?

The ceremony was lovely!  It was so well organised and so great to stand up with all of my fellow students after all we had achieved.  I was also lucky enough to have my husband attend and he got lots of pictures of me!

So, what was it that made you decide to take the course?

As well as being one of the requirements for the UAE Teacher’s license, I joined the programme because I had the strong desire to achieve more for the benefit of my students.  

What was your experience of the course like?

Taking part in the Arabic ATP program was a unique experience.  It brought us back to student life, homework, assignments, it made us recollect our beautiful memories, and it helped us to put ourselves in the place of our students on a learning journey. Despite taking up much of our leisure time, it was all worth it, because this program has strengthened our capabilities, particularly in strategies, that have proven to be active in our ranks.

What was your favourite thing about the course?

My favorite thing in this program was my return to being a student, those memories in which I am still very attached to. Wearing the student’s hat was a real thought provoking experience that made me more aware of my strengths, and the areas for improvements, as a teacher.

What parts of the course did you find the most beneficial?

I would have to say the case study part.  This focused on a bilingual Arabic student who is studying Arabic as a first language and involved collecting evidence, analysing, identifying gaps and giving solutions.  It was an excellent example of a real world situation that we will face in the future and the most effective ways to manage it.

What was your experience of working with TELLAL?

This wasn’t the first time I undertook a course with TELLAL.  All of their courses are really well planned, they have expertly qualified instructors and they communicate effectively with participants – I am looking forward to doing more courses with them in the future.

So what is next for Habiba?

I am so excited about my next steps!  I plan to move into training and coaching, especially in teaching Arabic as a first language.

  • النسخة العربية من موقعنا الإلكتروني سوف تتوفر قريبًا