How to become a Great Leader: In Honour of the Year of Zayed

So often throughout history it has been the vision and foresight of great leaders that has shaped the world for the better.  Having someone to inspire innovation and dedication to improvement is vital to the successful evolution of cultures, societies and institutions.  That’s why, as we are currently registering new students for our latest iPGCertEL, we wanted to share with you the ways in which it is designed to help you be a great leader for your organisation.  

In this, the Year of Zayed, it is impossible to deny the profound contribution our founding father made in shaping the UAE into the nation it is today. His innate ability to show such strong leadership qualities was the main driver behind how much the country has achieved in such a short space of time.   The late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan was a transformational leader who exemplified values-based, innovative and future-focused approaches.  His unrivalled foresight imbued the UAE people with a belief that they could excel against the odds, even at a time when others had dismissed it as a barren land with few resources.  It was exactly this talent of his, seeing potential where others did not, that would be the major catalyst to dynamic growth. 

His ‘systems-thinker’ based leadership style was not only ahead of its time, but its inclusive values allowed him to foster results that would benefit the greater good and produce better quality results.  By bringing together people of different types and backgrounds, he was able to utilise a far broader range of ideas and use that power of diversity and communication to reach unexpected heights.   His unique, ground-breaking vision for the UAE was not only designed to unify the country, but champion causes such as the respect of women, the ecology of the UAE and charities, that would  enhance its development even further. 

The legacy left from the leadership shown by Sheikh Zayed is one we hope to emulate with the aspiring leaders who undertake the iPGCertEL.  In the programme, participants will discover how leadership thinking has evolved and how the right ones can be put into successful practice in their institutions.  Much like Sheikh Zayed, they will learn about transformational, values-based, distributed and systems leadership and the difference these can make to school culture.  The course is ultimately designed to support individuals to become the best possible leaders they can be; they may not be leading a country, but their performance could make all the difference to their organisation, their colleagues and their students for years to come. 

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