I Want a Teaching Qualification: How do I Apply?

I Want a Teaching Qualification: How do I Apply?

With the start of the school year and new cohorts getting underway, many of you may be thinking about your future and, perhaps, wondering about a career in education.  At TELLAL we offer a huge range of programmes to suit aspiring teachers and current teachers looking to gain the right teaching qualification.  With our advanced technology and innovative methodologies we are able to not only provide the right path to the appropriate qualifications, both KHDA approved and internationally recognised, but refreshing learning concepts that will enhance your self-development, information retention and benefit the students and schools in which you teach.

If you have been wondering about what you want out of your future, we wanted to share the key steps to getting you on the right track with a TELLAL training course.  If you are keen to get the right teaching qualification, here are the things you need to know to get going:

  1. Research  Our brand new, user-friendly website has been designed so you can easily access information about our qualifying teacher training programmes. You can quickly see under which section you belong and from there read further about each option and whether it is right for you.  Do you need an international or KHDA recognised qualification?  How about a qualification that specialises in the teaching of the Arabic Language?  How is the programme structured?  All of that information is available on our website here.
  2. Ask  There can often be a list of entry requirements for many of our courses and we want to make sure every applicant feels as prepared as they can be.  You can attend one of our information sessions at which one of our TELLAL team members will take you through the components of the teaching qualification programmes or you can get in touch with us via email info@tellalinstitute.com or call us on 04 403 5146.  We are always here to answer your questions and find the right programme for you.
  3. Register  If you have identified the right TELLAL course for you and feel like you have all of the relevant information and entry requirements needed, the next step is to apply online through our website. 
  4. Meet  Once you have applied online one of our TELLAL team members will assess your submitted documents, and request additional ones if necessary, and then you will be asked to attend an interview.  During the interview they will run through your CV, qualifications, experience and goals.  Depending on your experience you may need to bring your original degree certificate, original transcripts and your Academic IELTS.
  5. Get started  Once you have been offered a place on the programme, you will need to confirm your attendance and make sure you are familiar with the structure and schedule.  Our qualifying courses operate under a blended learning system with a mix of online components and face-to-face mentor sessions as well as in-school apprenticeships delivered via a practice-based pathway known as School Centred Initial Teacher Training (SCITT).  The more prepared and ready you are, the more you will thrive within the programmes elements. 

We really do wish you all the best with your TELLAL journey and please let us know if you have any questions at all. You can contact us via email info@tellalinstitute.com or call us on 04 403 5146, or get in touch via one of our social media channels, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin.

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