iPgCTP: An Inside Look

The temperature might be cooling (thanks to the storms!) as we head into the festive period, which for many will mean planning for Christmas celebrations and hanging out with friends; but here at TELLAL we are all about registration, registration, registration.  Our next series of training programmes begin in the New Year, so we are spending time talking about the ins and outs with potential participants and learning more about those who are keen to build a successful career in education.

This week we wanted to take a closer look at the International Professional Graduate Certificate in Teaching Practice (iPgCTP) so anyone who is thinking of taking part can discover what it is all about.  A fantastic qualification with an Applied Graduate Diploma in Teaching Practice (ATP), this course is ideal for graduates with little or no teaching experience who wish to earn a globally portable academic certification.  But what better way to find out the facts than from someone who has actually done it!  We sat down with previous participant Nabila Lohia to ask her a few questions…

Hi Nabila, Thank you so much for sitting down with us, tell us a little bit about what you are up to right now and what your goals are for the future? 

Right now I work in GEMS Royal Dubai School as a Trainee teacher. As a teacher, my aim is to stimulate a love within students for learning, to encourage critical thinking and to show my students that learning Computer Science and Math can be enjoyable and rewarding. I believe that students should be a part of their own learning process and as a teacher my goal is to create a classroom environment that encourages collaborative activities that promote whole class, equitable pedagogy.

How has your experience of teaching been so far?

My experience at GEMS Royal Dubai has been an enriching and reflective one. I have been a student observer in class, under the supervisor, and this has provided a practical opportunity for me to observe various teaching approaches in the primary classroom. I have learnt that active teaching which gets students involved during the class has benefitted them the most. When the teacher encourages participation and critical thinking in her students, this makes teaching fun, as well as beneficial, and students are able to truly understand the subject they are learning about. What I have noticed is that by making student part of the learning process, teachers play an important role in facilitating the learning within the classroom environment.

What made you want to do the TELLAL course?

The course provided a platform whereby I can learn through observation and teaching placement. The practical benefits of this course were really appealing to me. Additionally, by providing exposure to different teaching strategies first hand, the course adds to my existing interest in pedagogy. Real-time classroom learning under a professional supervisor was what sets this course apart from others which are more content orientated.

What was the biggest challenge for you on the course?

The biggest challenge was to understand the latest teaching techniques and the various ways in which they were implemented. Furthermore, keeping up with both the practicum of classroom teaching as well as the assignments was arduous but very reflective for me. I feel that the most important achievement is that I am much more confident about various teaching styles as well as better versed with the on goings of a current school environment.

What is one of the best things the course has given you?

It has motivated me to apply the latest teaching approaches that put learners at the center of the pedagogical process.

Would you recommend TELLAL to other potential and current teachers interested in training?

I would.  It is a great place to have real-time teaching exposure.

If you are interested in finding out more, you can visit the iPGCTP course page here.

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