Learning to Lead – What’s the value of the iPCertEL?

Do school leaders really need a leadership qualification? Experience and instinct are everything, right?

“Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other,” said John F Kennedy famously, and at TELLAL we wholeheartedly agree. If you’re in a position of leadership, learning to lead should be an integral part of your personal development journey. Not only can leadership learning give you the confidence to lead, but it will give you a framework to contextualise what you’re doing, a strong theoretical foundation for your practice, and the skills and support that you need in order to be the best leader you can be.

At the heart of leadership learning, lies self learning. Unless you know yourself, you cannot effectively lead others. That’s why our International Professional Certificate in Education Leadership (iPCertEL) qualification places equal focus on each leader’s personal development as well as on their capability and agency to develop others. The first module of the iPCertEL aims to help school leaders to become critically but constructively self-aware, self-reflective and self-directed. The second module uses this knowledge as a basis for team and whole school influence and development.

Principal Competence Requirements

As part of the incoming Teacher Competence scheme, the UAE’s education authorities have made it clear that an educational leadership qualification will be required (or evidence of relevant experience in an educational leadership role) for all head teachers, principals, superintendents and vice presidents of schools in the UAE.

TELLAL is one of a small number of independent training providers who have been approved to support the UAE’s educational regulatory authorities in their endeavours to strengthen teacher education such that all existing teachers and leaders meet the new competence requirements. As such, our iPCertEL can be used as the evidence that the relevant authorities require.

A Masters-level Qualification

Like all of our training programmes, the iPCertEL is designed to fit the unique cultural dynamic of the UAE, yet in terms of portability, it’s highly flexible. Validated by our international partner, a leading UK Higher Education institution, it is internationally recognised. What’s more, credits from the iPCertEL could be used towards a Master’s degree should you wish to continue your studies.

A Tried & Tested Programme

As applications open for the iPCertEL starting in September 2018, our first cohort of iPCertEL leaders are approaching the end of their studies.

Already, leader-learners like Viny Agnes a Supervisor at GEMS Kindergarten Starters School are feeling the benefit of their new knowledge and understanding in their current roles:

“It is a fantastic learning and growing forum. The sessions are helping us improve our skills as leaders and I am able to apply them in my day to day work.”

On completing a recent iPCertEL workshop, learner Katie Hart, talked about the value of the learner experience:

“The pre-workshop task had obviously been carefully designed to support the objectives of the session and genuinely enhanced the learning that was achieved… this demonstrates a real commitment from the programme leader and this in turn motivates me to engage in a programme that is clearly highly valued by everyone… the enthusiasm and desire to learn within the group is infectious.”

So if like us you believe that leadership is a learning journey, and you want to gain an internationally recognised, Masters’ credit-bearing qualification, while making sure you are ready for Educational Leadership Competence, contact us today.

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