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Linguistic Excellence: TELLAL Languages Academy Launches

TELLAL is delighted to announce the launch of a brand new initiative that will transform the way we conceptualise the teaching of languages and innovate the methodologies and support channels available to language teachers; the TELLAL Languages Academy.

A concept that has been in development for some time, the TELLAL Languages Academy was created to encourage and support excellence in language teaching. Given the advanced technology that can be utilised to enable cross-border communications, not to mention the international dominance of specific languages, it can be easy for younger students to lose sight of why the study of language, and studying in a certain language is so important for their overall development and growth. Due to this, many language teachers find themselves without the proper assistance to help their subject thrive in the right environment. The TELLAL Languages Academy aims to change just that. Its mission is to advocate and represent teaching interests, promote and stimulate an environment of language teaching and learning excellence and encourage recognition and reward for exceptional language teaching worldwide.

Language is one of the most vital elements of life in every part of the world. It is at the heart of how we communicate, how we connect, how we learn and how we evolve. In many ways it is inextricably linked to who we are as individuals, as communities and as societies. It often represents our culture and defines our experiences as we travel further around the globe. Given the hugely multi-cultural demographics that weave the cosmopolitan quilt of Dubai and the UAE, it is particularly evident how important language is for communication and learning. From our desire to interact and understand more effectively to the crucial responsibility to safeguard heritage and traditions, language is all around us. This preponderance of immersion means it is essential that language be correctly incorporated and handled in terms of modern learning and training methodologies, in order for us to better assist the students we strive to help succeed.

As an overview, the TELLAL Languages Academy will:

  • Act as a hub for language teacher-training and language teaching
  • Focus on the teaching of languages for a modern audience and how to utilise innovative and up-to-date methodologies and technologies
  • Support the enhancement and improvement of teachers’ abilities, in both English-language competencies and specific language career path roles, that will allow them to thrive in a dynamic and challenging global context.

As the TELLAL Languages Academy grows, it will offer a range of qualifying, certifying and professional development programmes for all teachers of languages. As well as courses such as, ATP Arabic, Teaching Arabic to Muslim and Heritage Learners (TASLM) and Teaching English as a Second Language, there will also be courses to aid with French, Spanish, German, Italian, Russian, Hindi, Urdu, Malayali, Chinese and more. One of the most exciting initial offerings available however, is our series of transformational workshops for language teachers, which will cover areas such as ‘Teaching Language through Drama’ and ‘Cross-cultural Communications for Teachers and Parents’.   The first of these professional development courses actually kicks off on 5th December 2019; Creativity in Language Teaching and Learning.

Creativity in Languages Teaching and Learning Workshop

This innovative and engaging programme is an opportunity for language teachers to learn about creative approaches, new techniques and bespoke skills that can bring to life the languages they teach for the students in their classroom. As well as providing a range of unique, effective methodologies, there will be plenty of hands-on practice and reflective activities to solidify retention and implementation moving forward. The course consists of 10 half day workshops in total, and while teachers can opt for specific days, those who complete the full course will receive a Certifcate in Creativity in Language Teaching from the TELLAL Languages Academy.

Here are the topics that will be included in the programme:

  • Day 1: Language Teaching through video telling techniques
  • Day 2: 7 ways to make your students speak in the classroom
  • Day 3: Drama and improvisation in language teaching
  • Day 4: Teaching grammar communicatively
  • Day 5: Dogma in Language Teaching
  • Day 6: Playing with words: Ways to teaching vocabulary in context
  • Day 7: Memory in language teaching
  • Day 8: Language Teaching through chants and songs
  • Day 9: Interactive ways to teaching phonology
  • Day 10: Demand high in language teaching and learning

If you would like to register for part of, or all of, the Creativity in Language Teaching and Learning programme, you can visit the website here.   If you have any enquiries about the TELLAL Languages Academy you can email Yousef Omar on yousef.omar@tellalinstitute.com

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