My Teacher Training Journey – Teach Best ATP – Catherine

Catherine Werran, a graduate of the University of Gloucestershire in the UK, was working as a teaching assistant at before and during her teacher training. She studied on our Teach Best ATP (Apprenticeship in Teaching Practice) teacher training route and is now a fully qualified Year 2 teacher.

“Training as a teacher is something I wanted to do for many years, partly influenced by fond memories of my own primary school education. I worked as a Teaching Assistant for 2 years, prior to TELLAL teacher training, as I was confident that it would be beneficial to gain experience in a primary school before training.

I was in no doubt that I wanted to train in a primary school environment, and TELLAL offered teacher training based in the classroom, so this fit with what I wanted. The regular sessions with trainers also ensured we had access to the theory of education and teaching which was highly beneficial and enjoyable.

I had a very positive experience of training with TELLAL on the Teach Best ATP course. I felt well supported and motivated. The course leaders were encouraging and understanding. The assignments were enjoyable, as they would often draw on experiences and would be a good opportunity to reflect and back up ideas with theories and research.

I found balancing my role as a Teaching Assistant with my teaching commitments – such as planning, marking, resource preparation – quite challenging. I think this is because there were two members of staff in the classroom full time (myself and my mentor) and although my mentor was incredibly supportive and would offer any help I may need when I was preparing to teach, I knew that our responsibilities were very different.

I am very excited to start my career as a primary school teacher. I aim to return back to the UK some time in the next few years to teach in a school that will be no doubt very different (and probably smaller!).

I feel well prepared in terms of delivering lessons, planning (alone and within a team), marking and feedback due to my experiences during the year I trained with TELLAL.”

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