Nexquare Joins Forces with TELLAL

Nexquare’s revolutionary data-centric approach to harnessing data in education make them perfect partners for TELLAL who are strong believers in collaboration and in leveraging innovation across their ecosystem.

Working actively with leading practitioners and global shapers through think aloud sessions in specific areas helps to push traditional boundaries. Nexquare’s vision is to create a single, integrated, data-driven education platform that can leverage existing and future innovations, allowing a seamless single point access to all users – enabling them to benefit from industry’s best innovations.

TELLAL and Nexquare have partnered to create a dynamic, digital eportfolio aligned to the UAE teaching standards and other first-of-their-kind digital tools to support the career growth of teachers and school leaders. The partnership will not only help existing teachers to upskill, but will support a solution to the pressing problem of teacher shortages. Africa is expected to experience a huge crisis in terms of teacher quantity and quality, needing more than 4 million teachers by 2030, while the GCC expected to have a shortfall of 200,000 teachers by 2030. Nexquare and TELLAL’S collaborative approach is to rethink the problem and come up with innovative solutions – before it’s too late.

According to Nexquare founder Raman Thiagarajan, harnessing data for better educational outcomes has “the potential to revolutionize in that everything can be stored in one place and continuously enhanced and improved.” This enables teachers to digitally evidence their practice in an intuitive and user friendly way, and provide them with a clear roadmap of their own professional development. Ensuring that each teacher receives sufficient guidance from assigned mentors within the system is a priority. As such the system need to be flexible, adaptable, multi-lingual and easily accessible for all.



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