Principals’ Workshop: Leadership Improvement Projects

As part of the KHDA Leadership Permit Process for Competent Principal Status, all principals are required to demonstrate competence in the 4 areas of the UAE Principal Standards:

Professional and ethical leadership, strategic leadership, educational leadership and operational leadership.
Principals will also be given two leadership projects to complete as part of the leadership competence process. The first is a compulsory KHDA leadership focus, while the second project is a principal’s choice but must be aligned to a UAE Principal Standard.
TELLAL has designed a practical workshop to assist principals in driving pedagogical leadership. The workshop introduces 4 best-practice models to support principals and their school teams in designing, implementing and completing successful school improvement projects. The models provide a scaffold for principals to establish leadership projects that:
  • focus on quality student learning outcomes
  • improve learning and competencies for staff and students
  • enhance interactions between educators and students
  • build connection between all the people inside the school community as well as all the stakeholders outside the school i.e. learning culture
  • link to the UAE Standards for Teachers and Leaders
TELLAL has already run one successful workshop and will be offering another workshop on Wednesday 27th June (8.00-10.00am) in the TELLAL Training Room. Please register for the workshop on OASIS.
We look forward to supporting principals and their school teams in the Leadership Permit process.
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