Real People Talk About Training With TELLAL

As the UAE’s only licensed provider of Applied Initial Teacher Training  TELLAL is proud to educate the educators. But what is it really like to study with us?


New to teaching: Robert Kamau Wanyoike

Although Robert worked in the financial sector for many years, teaching was his true calling.  He bravely decided on a complete career change and enrolled in a teacher training course at TELLAL. Robert now works at GEMS Modern Academy as a Mathematics teacher.

“Everything about the course was well designed. Being new to the field, this was very encouraging for me.  The most exciting thing was the rate of progression, so I was quickly able to make sense of what I needed to learn.”


Professional growth: Jessica D’Mello

In her Head of Department role Jessica is responsible for working with new teachers to refine their techniques. This kind of coaching needs more than just good instincts, as Jessica points out, it also calls for a solid understanding of the theories and principles that guide teaching strategies. The International Professional Certificate in Professional Practice is Jessica’s latest qualification.

“Despite having a strong practical hold on some of the latest teaching strategies, I was always looking for a more theoretical background [and]I am now more aware of the reasoning behind why things work or do not in the classroom. My experience so far has been very enriching — the best part being the rapport we share among mentors and peers in this course. There is so much to learn through others’ experiences.”


Tech advantage: Haneen Al Hertani

Haneen studied the Teach Up International Professional Certificate in Professional Practice (iPgCPP) and has first-hand experience of  TELLAL’s digital classroom. Using avatar-based students, the Mursion Training Lab allows trainees to practice strategies in real-time, facing often unexpected situations.

“The avatar experience is one of a kind. The children gave unexpected answers and humour, so I felt like I was teaching real children in a real classroom setting. The feedback from the simulator was very beneficial as all my course colleagues were watching, and each one saw something different and shared it with me.”


Find out more about the educational opportunities offered by TELLAL on our course details page. Many of our courses are available online and we support both Arabic-speaking and English-speaking educators.

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