Record-Breaking Success: TELLAL’s 2018-2019 Graduating Class

As devoted champions of positive evolution in educational excellence and individual self-improvement and achievement, one of the proudest and most exciting days in our calendar is Graduation Day.  This year over 165 graduates walked the stage to accept their awards and recognition for all of their hard work.  Their spectrum of qualifications ranged from Leadership to Teach Up to Teach Best and Arabic ATP; yet each individual shared the same passion and drive to reach new heights and foster the growth of future generations.  It was a true honour to watch these committed educators not only strive to enhance their own careers, but to also accept the gauntlet of responsibility that comes with teaching our children and improving our schools.

As befitting of such an auspicious occasion, the event organisers had arranged an engaging and celebratory order of proceedings for everyone to enjoy.  Each of the courses had their own Class Representative who spoke about the journey they had experienced and the hopes they had for the future.  The audience was also treated to a delightful musical performance from the GEMS World Academy String Ensemble and, of course, the UAE National Anthem.  Dr Linda Rush, the Senior Vice President of TELLAL, gave the Class Address in which she challenged the graduates to apply all they have learned throughout their studies and experiences, with an emphasis on making a difference in the world for the benefit of their students and the next generation.  This inspiring and powerful message was also echoed by the Keynote Speaker, Reverend Canon Professor Kenneth Newport, the Pro-Vice Chancellor of Liverpool Hope University. 

Louise Walker, Apprenticeship in Teaching Practice (ATP), Early Years and Graduating Class of June 2019 said: “Deciding to become a qualified teacher through TELLAL’s Teach Best program is the best decision I have made. The programme’s unique school-centred approach meant I was in schools within a week of starting the course. The nature of this programme, where theory and practice intertwine from day one, enabled me to apply the different theories and strategies covered during the TELLAL sessions immediately. Equally, the weekly TELLAL sessions provided us with continuous support through our placements and through the rollercoaster associated with teaching young children. I recommend this program to anyone thinking of pursuing a career in education.” With a 100% success rate in gaining employment directly after completing one of TELLAL’s programmes, we can see why these new graduates are so excited about their bright futures.  Just this academic year alone TELLAL has been able to impact over 150,000 students with more than 8,000 teachers and school leaders participating in different programmes.

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