Subject Networks — Tapping into GEMS’ social capital

Heard about GEMS’ Subject Networks but been too busy teaching to find out more? Find out how to tap into this powerful resource and transform your teaching practice…

What are Subject Networks?

Subject Networks open GEMS teachers up to the fantastic resources of other GEMS teachers. Each subject or specialist area should have its own network, organised by an appointed Network Leader, who brings together educators teaching the same subject, age group or specialism within the GEMS network.

What do Network Leaders do?

Network leaders organise a minimum of three events each year. For the 2017-18 academic year, the events will be taking place during the following Network Workshop Weeks:

  • 5-11 November 2017
  • 28 January – 3 February 2018
  • 22-28 April 2018

The Network Weeks will involve networking events giving the opportunity to meet and collaborate with other teachers in your field, training utilising internal subject experts or workshops featuring external learning specialists.

For the rest of the year, your Network Leader is available to support you in your subject teaching. Most networks have a closed Facebook page, or other online forum, where members can collaborate. There you’ll find teaching ideas and strategies, lesson plans, best practice, news about regulatory aspects, curriculum information and general support from others teaching your subject.

How to make the most of your subject network

  1. Contact your network lead. Click here to find yours (you’ll need to log into GEMS’ Sharepoint to view this)
  2. Send them an email to introduce yourself and find out how to join the subject network
  3. Get involved. Join conversations. Ask questions. Attend your network events
  4. Give something back. Think about your own strengths and how you could share your talents, skills, expertise or strategies to professionally develop other GEMS colleagues.

The rest is up to you…

Our network of GEMS teachers is one of our strongest resources. It is there for you to benefit from but needs you to reach out and engage with it. And like most things in life, what you get out is in direction correlation to what you put in. TELLAL’s Senior Manager of Professional Learning and Development, Deborah Hennigan, coordinates the subject networks. Deborah explains,

“The subject networks are about social capital. You need to be proactive and tap into the rich network of expertise around you — it’s an opportunity that is unique to GEMS.”

Unlock a world of subject expertise, support and knowledge. Contact your network lead today.

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