Teacher Training: Unlocking Your Potential

Thinking of training to be a teacher? Let us help you not just qualify, but become an outstanding educator. Our teacher training programmes will help you grow in ways you never knew were possible…

At TELLAL, we believe that our situated, practitioner-led, collaborative learning approach is the key to unlocking your potential as a Global Teacher and giving you the grounding that you need in order to become a confident and effective teacher. The core pillars of our teacher training philosophy are interaction with others in our network, self-directed learning, reflection and feedback.

Our networked approach to teacher training

We have developed at an extensive networked learning community of teachers, mentors, tutors, leaders and peers. Not only does this offer you a unique environment in which you can “learn to learn”, but we believe it is also the most effective setting for teacher training, enabling you to teach with knowledge, confidence and capability as soon as you take over full-class responsibility.

As we work with you, our teacher training methodologies will help you to develop as a self-directing, self-organising, reflective and tolerant Global Teacher who is able to think, create, communicate, problem solve, and use their initiative.

The 4 Rs of a global teacher

Through our teacher training programmes we aim to encourage four learning dispositions in all our learners:
Resilience — you will become curious, adventurous, determined, flexible, focused and observant
Resourcefulness — your approach will become questioning, open-minded, imaginative, integrating, intuitive and playful
Reflectiveness — you will learn to be logical, thoughtful, self-knowing, methodical, opportunistic and self-evaluative
Reciprocity — in your dealings with others you will develop the ability to be collaborative, independent, open to feedback, attentive, empathetic and imitative so that others feel compelled to follow your lead.

Become a teacher and change your life

Teacher training graduate, Farah Clague, reflects on how her experience with TELLAL changed her outlook, approach and attitude to life in general:

“The learning journey with TELLAL has been quite an adventure. At the beginning of the course when Dr Linda Rush told us we would be transformed, I wasn’t sure what she meant, however one year on I am a completely different person with heightened levels of resilience, patience and perseverance.”

Because most of your learning as a trainee teacher will take place in schools, we encourage all teaching peers and leaders to make the change and be the change. In this way, we not only unlock your potential but contribute to improving the quality of teaching and leadership in schools. Together we can energise learning and transform futures.

To find out more about training to be a teacher with TELLAL, join us for an information session where you can hear about the teacher training experience, course structure and support from TELLAL. We run information sessions regularly, so contact us to find out when the next one is taking place.

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