As we continue to look forward into ways in which we can grow and improve our educational systems, there is no better place to collaborate than BETT MEA.  TELLAL was delighted to participate in this innovative event once again, particularly given the programme and events in the 2019 session.  It was an empowering two days of discussion, revelation and integration, as industry leaders, practitioners, professionals and inventors came together to form and share ideas on how to support learning through technology. 

As the world’s largest education technology portfolio event, BETT MEA plays a vital role in expanding our understanding of educational potential. It is one of the greatest simulants towards learning innovation and a unique opportunity for passionate educators to achieve a common goal of internationalising teaching practices and improving student support. 

This year’s theme was especially poignant for TELLAL as it reflected a question we are striving to answer ourselves; how to build a successful change culture to meet the evolving needs of 21st century citizens.   We understand the uncertainty that faces current and future students, particularly when it comes to the evolution of the job market.  Technology plays a much wider role in how we teach, how we could teach and how it impacts the types of careers our students will ultimately seek.  By working with experts, researchers and inventors, we can heighten our understanding of how technology can be used to improve our educational prowess and how we can use specific elements to expand our learning methodologies.  

Given that technology is at the heart of this two day conference, TELLAL was excited to be showcasing our innovative virtual simulation training programme.  Visitors to our booth were able to interact with this engaging technology and experience the benefits of artificial avatars in advanced learning.

TELLAL also participated in the lively discussions programme, delivering a speech on ‘Global Insights into Mixed Reality Simulation in Education and Beyond: Preparing Leaders Using ‘Human in the Loop’ Technologies.  This allowed our team to share vital insights into how to grow the skills and effectiveness of school leaders for the betterment of their institutions.  It specifically detailed how simulation training offers the most advanced and effective form of training in the market; providing a uniquely safe, realistic and efficient form of practice, feedback and learning.  You can read more about our simulation training and how it benefits leadership skills growth here. 

When we weren’t hosting or speaking, we also got the opportunity to visit with some fantastic exhibitors who had flown in from all over the world. The combination of international and regional participants meant that everyone could see the latest evolutions in educational technology and get a sense of the potential that awaits us in improving standards.  From virtual reality to robots to computer animation and much, much more, there was so much to see, do and interact with.  Overall it was a really informative and inspiring event that shows how to embrace the technological revolution in the most productive ways and target its output to improving learning for students, at all levels.  What could be better than that?

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