TELLAL Partners at Educational Conference with the Professional Academy of Teachers – Egypt

TELLAL Institute had the pleasure of joining hands with the Ministry of Education in Cairo, Egypt in a day- long brainstorming session focusing on the task of improving teacher standards that will have a meaningful impact on student learning outcomes.

Shared Vision

Dr. Lind Rush, Senior Vice President of TELLAL (Teacher Education Learning and Leadership for ALL) Institute delivered a unique presentation about the Institute’s achievements in the area of teacher training and expressed her delight to speak towards a collaboration with the teacher training in Egypt. Also, Dr. Rush commented that this conference is a strong start to further the support towards a distinguished level of teaching practice in Egypt.  TELLAL Institute expressed a willingness to take part in the core elements of the development of a Quality Assurance Framework that supports improving teaching practice.

Partnership Model

The idea of the network model developed by TELLAL Institute is unique in that the Partnership Learning approach adopted calls on school leaders at all levels and sectors to support Professional Development.  Dr. Linda Rush highlighted the importance of identifying the local needs from the reality on the ground, indicating that without effective cooperation and collaboration we will not be able to achieve our objectives.  She also highlighted the importance of the ability to make decisions that will guarantee the proof of impact on student learning.  TELLAL Institute supports the principles of teacher self-learning, which is embedding the unique partnership learning that TELLAL Institute uses and asserted the importance of building the trust that links between accountability and self-learning. Finally, Dr. Linda Rush shed light on the institute’s experience in the area of training in the UAE.  (Summary Translated from the official Facebook Page of the Ministry of Education

Official Ministry of Education Egypt


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