TELLAL Success Stories: Students in Work

As registrations are now open for the next round of TELLAL courses we wanted to share some of our latest news from previous students.

All of our exclusive courses are designed to maximise your opportunity for sustainable and engaged learning as well as aiming to facilitate your future employment.  If you are considering undertaking a TELLAL course, it might help to know how it has benefitted past students and aided them in finding their dream jobs in education. 

This week we talked to Pasant Tarek Elhadary, who is now an FS2 class teacher after taking our ATP early years route course and Lesley Crowder who is also an FS 2 Teacher after she took our iPGCE Early Years course so they could tell us how their TELLAL courses changed their lives.

Thanks so much for chatting to us!  Can you tell us first why you decided to do a TELLAL course?

Pasant: The combination of studying theory with practical applications is a fantastic way to learn, so a TELLAL course really gives you the best of both worlds. 

Lesley: TELLAL was actually recommended to me.  I had been working as a TA and really wanted to get certified as a teacher and everyone said TELLAL was the best.  All the TELLAL trainees I met had such positive feedback and I was given lots of support with understanding more about the course and the qualification.

What was your experience of the TELLAL course like?

Pasant (ATP): Overall, the experience was challenging but really inspiring.  The more I went to the theory session, the more I was eager to apply it in the classroom. The demands of the course just highlighted how thorough it was and the quality of the material we were being taught. We also learnt from really passionate principals and mentors who made things exciting and made you want to learn more.

Lesley (iPGCE): It was definitely hard, but now that I have my own class, the intense practical experience we had has really paid off. The TELLAL sessions were mostly on a Thursday afternoon, which can be difficult after a long week, but I actually looked forward to them.  It was amazing knowing that I would be engaging in practical activities and discussions that would influence my work in the following week. 

So how did you find your current role and how did the TELLAL course help?

Pasant: Having been a student teacher in Barsha, I was actively on the lookout for new roles and TELLAL was so helpful in steering us towards positions, particularly in newly opened schools who wanted newly qualified teachers. 

Lesley: I actually heard about the opening for my current role through my TELLAL placement and they gave me great tips on applying.  Overall the intense, hands on practical experience I received on a daily basis was vital to my professional development.  TELLAL helped me fully understand the Early Years classroom and helped me define and mould my teaching philosophy and practice.

What do you love most about teaching?

Pasant: I love everything about teaching little ones.  I love that I have the power to make a change in the world whether it is teaching the kids about the importance of kindness to people and animals or inspiring the kids to love learning. I am always the happiest when a parent emails me a picture of their child’s learning at home that they took from school!

Lesley: Those A-HA moments, especially when something finally clicks for the child.  Mind you, the not so A-HA moments are pretty fun in Early Years as well!

You can start your career in education with a course at TELLAL Institute by registering today! 

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