TELLAL Website Launch

TELLAL Website Launch: Bringing you closer to the course that’s right for you

Noticed anything different?  We are all incredibly excited to share with you our brand new TELLAL Institute website. As you know, it is our mission is to ensure that every student has a brighter future ahead of them by developing and providing innovative and effective training programmes that span the educational spectrum.  Since our founding, we have offered a range of courses at different levels, for aspiring and current teachers of different backgrounds and workshops for professional self-improvement, all aimed towards gaining a better understanding of how we can improve the way in which our students learn and grow.   So many amazing individuals, whether they currently teach or wish to, know the importance of training to expand their skill base and rise to the challenges they may face.  Our aim with the new website was to make it even easier for those individuals to discover the opportunities offered by TELLAL and which course or programme is right for them.

With all the new, exciting changes we wanted to take a moment to explore the new site a little further and highlight the key functionalities that have been designed to make it as simple as possible for you to get the information you need and register for details on the right courses. 

What you want…

The first, and most evident, change to the website is our application sections, visible from the very first page.  Each of these is tailored to individual situations and circumstances so that you can quickly identify the right category for your needs.  By utilising statements, visitors can see which element best suits them and immediately reference the most relevant material for their educational training needs; so whatever you are, or want to be, TELLAL has the right course for you!

  • I want to be a teacher – this is for aspiring teachers to choose which training programme works for their situation – a Dubai qualification, an international qualification, an Early Years Qualification or an Arabic Language qualification
  • I am a teacher – for employed teachers who wish to expand their educational knowledge and professional skills, and enhance their teaching practice with a specific qualification.
  • I want to be a leader – if you are an aspiring leader who feels that the next step in their career is to develop leadership skills and competencies, these training programmes could be right for you
  • I am a leader – for current leaders who are committed to the pursuit of excellence and would like to undertake a training programme that will grow their skills, from teacher to systems level
  • I am a school principle – outlines the ways in which TELLAL can support school improvement. Programmes, products, and services are designed to meet the needs of teachers and leaders and identify the ways that they can contribute to the on-going growth of the school.
  • I want KHDA Teacher Permit Training – By 2021, all teachers in Dubai will be required to hold a Teacher Permit. Through close collaboration with the KHDA during the TELS UAE pilot, TELLAL has refined a suite of training programmes, qualifying routes and assessment tools to meet the development needs of schools
  • I want to be a teaching assistant – if you are considering a career in education, a teaching assistant position could be the right route for you and TELLAL can help you get the CACHE certification you need
  • I am a teaching assistant – you might find yourself aspiring to be a teacher and wanting to enter the teaching profession in a school. At TELLAL we have a range of appropriate courses to help you find the right direction

Let’s connect…

One of the key things we wanted to get out of the new TELLAL website was accessibility and connectivity.  We wanted to make sure that prospective and current teachers and educators could easily find out information and equally as easily get in touch and ask questions. There are several places on the site now that have been designed to provide useful information, answer burning questions, share industry relevant knowledge and advice, spark discussions and give you an instant resource of dates for courses.  Our TELLAL Talks section provides a range of expert advice and opinions on all things education, from our classroom practice to what we should be doing with our off time!  Each one is designed to start a discussion and allow any visitors to the site to share their thoughts and tips.  In our News section you can stay up to date with not only the things happening at TELLAL, including the launch of new training courses, but also changes and announcements in the world of education as a whole.  Our FAQs are an excellent resource for visitors to get instant answers to key questions so they can make more effective decisions about which course might work for them, their goals and their schedule.  We also now have a quick link to our Information Sessions, in which prospective participants can register to attend a face-to-face talk about courses and what requirements they have. 

We hope you have enjoyed getting to know our new TELLAL website and do encourage you to have a look around yourself and share with us your feedback and let us know if you have any questions at all.  You can always get in touch with us through the website or via one of our social media channels Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin

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