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TELLAL Welcomes 30 New Trainee Teachers

TELLAL’s Groundbreaking UAE Teacher Training Course Gets Underway for its Second Year

As the summer holidays were drawing to a close, we inducted almost 30 new trainee teachers in preparation for the new academic year and their first school placements on the Apprenticeship in Teaching Practice programme.

Following an online introduction to pedagogic theory and teaching practice in August, our trainees joined us at TELLAL HQ for an induction week. At the end of this, they were straight into their teaching placements where they began their instructional coaching under their assigned mentor’s guidance.

Teacher Training Programme Structure

Our new teacher trainees join us from all over the world, bringing with them a host of non-teaching experience in a variety of industries. Some are already working in GEMS schools as teaching assistants, a handful of whom are being sponsored by their school as part of their professional development. A select few of the most experienced trainees are following the demanding salaried training route, taking on full classroom responsibilities alongside their training and study.

Over the next 10 months, our teaching trainees will spend four days per week in school, with the fifth day dedicated to training and study at TELLAL. Trainees will spend up to 120 days of their learning time in a school environment on professional practice placements. The 60 additional training days are used to link practice to teaching theory via TELLAL’s instructional coaching model, which includes Swivl technology, a virtual reality classroom, bug in ear feedback, and 360 degree reflective practice.

The 30 trainees are following a variety of training routes including Early Years, SEN and Arabic specialisms, Primary (Elementary) generalist and Secondary (High School) subject specialist. Some are studying for the UAE-recognised ATP qualification, while others have opted for the internationally recognised iPGCPT route (the equivalent of an iPGCE).

Trainees will benefit from three Teach Best conferences held over the course of the programme. These give our aspiring teachers the chance to engage with and learn from experienced teaching peers from across the GEMS Education network. The inaugural Teach Best Conference will be held on 27 January 2018, and will be themed “The Language of Learning”.

Building Success

This is the second year of TELLAL’s successful Apprenticeship in Teaching Practice programme, which in 2016-17 saw 38 trainees qualify as teachers after completing the intensive, 10-month, practice-based teacher training programme. Our Teacher Training Manager, Jyoti Cropley explains why the ATP presents such a unique opportunity for aspiring teachers:

“At this moment the UAE is a very exciting place to be teaching. The programmes that we offer at TELLAL are very innovative: the use of a blended learning approach helps to meet the needs of all our trainees. Our focus on classroom practice — doing as you learn — allows our 4R Pillars (Resilience, Resourcefulness, Reflectiveness, Reciprocity) to become truly embedded throughout the year.”

We are accepting applications for our next intake of teacher trainees for the ATP programme starting in January. If you are interested in applying, or would like to know more about training to be a teacher in Dubai and the UAE, join us for an information session where we will answer all your questions.

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