#TELLALTravels – Arabic Training in Egypt

Following on from our recent recap of Jade Peter-Swain’s trip to Egypt to aid in training for Early Years teachers, this week we take a look at the trip our Arabic Teacher Training Manager Abdelfatah Ghozlan took to the same set of schools.  As with Jade, Abdelfatah’s trip was in line with our continued efforts to expand our training practices to a wider audience and gain vital understanding about different practices and approaches that help us evolve our portfolio of programmes. 

The four multi-language schools involved in this international initiative had requested the delivery of programmes in Early Years training, Leadership training, Teacher training delivered in English and Teacher training delivered in Arabic.   The underlining strategy was to uplift and improve the skills of their teachers and leaders, as well as provide techniques and resources that would empower individual development and skills growth. 

For the Teacher training delivered in Arabic, Abdelfatah worked with GEMS Arabic Lead Coach Yasser El-Gendy to deliver the programme to 26 teachers whose subjects included Arabic Language, French Language, Social Studies and Islamic Education, for four full days of workshops.  The main focus was on covering some fundamental pedagogies that would aid them in enhancing their students’ experience and development. They were:

  • Learning theories
  • Student-centred learning
  • Lesson planning
  • Assessment for learning

Conducted in the British International School Madinaty in Cairo, the intensive sessions included a vast array of information, meaningful role plays and interactive discussions based on real life scenarios that could be easily adapted and applied to future classroom interactions.  The aim was to equip participants with lasting skills and knowledge that could be called on automatically to resolve issues, create wider opportunities for learning and expand student potential. 

The participants involved represented a diverse range of backgrounds, experience and cultures all enthusiastic about their professional development and discovering new methodologies that would benefit their institutions, careers and students.  The feedback on the delivered sessions was overwhelmingly positive, with one claiming “the training drew my attention to focus on the personal development of my students” and another saying “the training has allowed for a new framework for thinking about teaching”.  One participant also shared feedback on his experience, “I learned how to master the delivery of a modern, effective lesson.  A lesson where I can utilise a learning theory that best suits the developmental stage, content and the level of my students.  I also learned how to formulate a measurable learning objective and get my students to achieve it by using the appropriate learning strategy.” Finally, another teacher was excited about what the training would mean for their students affirming that “after the training I will start working to overcome any obstacles that hinder student centred learning.”

You can read more about how more TELLAL staff got on in Egypt in our #TELLALTravels series.  Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin to get updates and read the next instalment. 

  • النسخة العربية من موقعنا الإلكتروني سوف تتوفر قريبًا