#TELLALTravels –Leadership in Egypt and KSA

#TELLALTravels – Leadership in Egypt and KSA

Avid readers of our news stories will have kept up to date with our latest adventures in our #TELLALTravels series, but if you have missed any instalments, you can catch up on Jade Peter-Swain’s experience with Early Years Teachers, Abdelfatah Ghozlan’s work on Arabic Teacher Training and Sheryl Rogers’ sessions on High Leverage Teaching Practices.  One of the major ways in which we reflect our commitment to improving teaching practices is by exporting our innovations and research to schools in other countries and regions who may wish to grow their knowledge and development.  We have been lucky enough to work with a range of educational institutions and teaching professionals, many of which have been able to expand our understanding of teaching nuances and contributed to our overall ethos moving forward.  Having the opportunity to work with individuals from different backgrounds allows us to tailor our courses and approaches to encompass their experience and facilitate more effective learning for everyone. 

This week we have been talking to Shanti Clements, our resident Leadership guru, on her #TELLALTravels to Egypt and Saudi Arabia.  TELLAL’s Leadership Workshop in Saudi Arabia was actually scheduled to coincide with the launch of their Ministry of Education’s NCEPD’s system leadership initiative.  The two day workshop Shanti developed to launch our Leadership Academy in KSA was given to 50 senior executive leaders from the Ministry of Education.  From the first day of the programme, the response was overwhelming with over 2.4k posts appearing on Twitter and a significant amount of national media coverage.  

In Egypt, we were lucky enough to host more than 100 school leaders all keen to learn more about how to foster high quality learning in their schools.  Shanti ran five workshops and instructional learning walks for a mix of principals and leadership teams from across four schools.  They focused on best-practice training and leadership development across these key areas: Systems Leadership in Action, Coaching for Team Leadership, Leading a Culture of Visible Learning, Enhancing Community Engagement and Collaboration, and Pedagogy, Differentiation and Student Engagement.

The overall concept of our Leadership Academy and our #TELLALTravels series is that for our children to learn at their best, our teachers and leaders also need to be learning at their best.  By utilising the latest technologies and innovative techniques teachers and leaders can develop more progressive and effective ways to help children learn.  In every school and group, we have seen an immense dedication flow from teachers and school leaders and a commitment to our collective growth. Much of this dedication is manifested in how much of their time they devote to learning about leadership and the ways in which they can grow their own professional development for the betterment of their students.  For the international schools and institutions we visited, this wave of training is only the beginning and we anticipate some fantastic evolutions in potential from every one of the attendees, as well as their ripple inspiration of others. 

According to a report from Eric Jamieson, the Chief Education Office for GEMS Egypt and KSA, “this programme has helped to engender a much stronger sense of being part of a larger GEMS team and Shanti has skilfully built capacity to enable higher order leadership that is based on vision, purpose, facilitation and coaching.  The response from leaders throughout the schools has been overwhelming positive and it has inspired more school leaders to consider taking the leadership programme.”

You can read more about how more TELLAL staff got on in Egypt in our #TELLALTravels series.  If you would like to find out more about our leadership programmes you can contact Shanti Clements at shanti.clements@tellalinstitute.com Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin to get updates and read the next instalment. 

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