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Train the Webinar Trainer Launches: Inside Teacher Training

At TELLAL we know how important it is that teachers continue to engage in their own professional learning.  This means that the training and courses we offer have to evolve in tandem with the way education evolves.  In a year of tumultuous upheaval in the educational world, we need to be looking forward and as we find our way through the current restrictions, online platforms have offered solutions, allowing for collaborative professional learning events take place safely and effectively.  That is why we are creating even more ways to help teachers up skill and expand their professional development.  One of the newest additions to the TELLAL teacher training calendar is our ‘Train the Webinar Trainer’ programme.  We sat down with Katie Hart who has been spearheading the programme to find out more about it!

Hi Katie, thanks for chatting to us.  So what is the Train the Webinar Trainer programme all about? 

Essentially this programme is about helping outstanding practitioners and leaders to facilitate quality and high impact adult training through a live interactive online event.  We know from adult learning theory that seminars do not always lead to high impact learning so we focus on giving trainers the knowledge, skills and capabilities to make their remote training sessions live and interactive.

What was the motivation behind starting the programme?

There are significant restrictions around groups of adults learning together in the same room due to the Covid-19 pandemic.  We are passionate at TELLAL that this shouldn’t mean that teachers and leaders can’t continue to learn collaboratively and in an interactive manner.  Offering high impact training remotely will ensure that teachers and leaders continue to grow and develop despite these restrictions.  However, this does require a different skill set for those leading the training.  This programme aims to address this skill set.

What are the keys elements covered in the webinar?

Over a series of four, ninety minute training sessions the TWeb covers adult learning theories, synchronous online learning theories, trainer delivery skills, analysis of digital tools to support learning and top tips to problem solve potential technical/participants challenges.

How did you develop the content for the programme?

Research and development is a key feature of our work at TELLAL so the team spent time exploring the links between adult learning theories and remote learning theories.  In addition, the TELLAL Virtual Apple Award has identified to us, expert practitioners in the local area who are highly skills in remote learning techniques and digital learning tools.  A team of Virtual Apple Award winners from Dubai American Academy consulted with us on the digital tools that would be modelled through the TWeb programme.

Who would benefit most from the programme?

The students in our schools are always our number one priority.  If they can benefit from high quality learning experiences because their teachers and leaders are learning from high quality training, then we have achieved our goal.   This programme is suitable for all passionate teachers and leaders with expertise that they would like to share with other teachers and leaders, to support their growth and development

What can participants expect to get out of the programme?

Participants will have the knowledge and skills to lead high impact training sessions that will help other teachers and leaders to expand their skill set.  As an added bonus, participants may wish to apply some of the digital tools experienced in the training to their own practice and by extension enhance their own practice.

So the programme won’t just help teachers to train other teachers, it will help students too?

Oh yes definitely.  During the four TWeb sessions we engage participants in a variety of digital learning tools, these can be very helpful for their adult training and with their students.  Also we know from adult learning theories that when required to teach others, your own understanding improves.  By developing training methodologies in their own area of expertise, participants will also continually be improving their own practice and can utilise that with their students.

We heard that you have already had some amazing feedback on the programme, can you share it with us? 

So far we have had some very positive feedback from participants, many of which highlight additional benefits of the course beyond just learning ways to share their expertise with others.  Here are some of the comments:

  • “The different digital tools were best understood and learnt about, as we actually experienced how effective it would be to try out and use in our training sessions henceforth.”
  • “The progression and bite size content worked really well for me. Also, the meticulous planning with the digital tools to make the learning concrete and effective. Above all, our facilitator has such a warm demeanour and carried her session with us all so effortlessly.”
  • “We were given lots of opportunity for collaboration. Excellent use of digital tools.”
  • “There were online tools that were new for me. These tools worked well like Polls Everywhere, Nearpod, breakout rooms etc”

A big thank you to Katie for taking us inside the ‘Train the Webinar Trainer’ webinar.  If you would like to find out more about the course and if it might be right for you, get in touch us by email at info@TELLALInstitute.com or give us a call at 04-403-5146 X4 today.

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