Trainer of the Month: Caroline Krapf

March’s Trainer of the Month is Caroline Krapf from GIS for her workshop on “The Concept and Centre-Based Specialist Music and Art Classroom in Early Years”. Congratulations Caroline!

Each month we celebrate a member of our teaching community who has delivered an outstanding training experience for teacher trainees or professional peers. The title of Trainer of the Month is awarded based on professionalism, workshop evaluations and feedback.

Caroline, a Music Teacher at GEMS International School, Al Khail, set about to develop her workshop participants’ knowledge and skills of conceptual teaching and to her participants explore, experience and evaluate ‘centers’ as a way of approaching group work in specialist classrooms. Guided by Caroline, the group collaborated on tasks and work on how they could apply the newly learnt strategies in their own subject-classroom settings.

Caroline’s workshop was highly rated by attendees, who praised her knowledge and enthusiasm for the topic, as well as her very effective teaching methodologies:

“Her ideas were brilliant, very creative and enabled us to think about what spin we could put on our own methods in school.”

“The creativity in teaching and enthusiasm of Ms. Caroline Krapf has inspired me to use more games, senses, diversity in musical theory lessons. Caroline has changed my perspective… by learning through games, fascination and curiosity increase the focus of children on the learning objective.”

“Caroline was very effective with the practical ways of explaining the lesson objective with activities. She is very passionate in her teaching, which was seen through her workshop, and patient in creating innovative ideas”

Many thanks to Caroline on delivering such a well-received, practical and inspirational PLD workshop, and congratulations on being such a well-deserved Trainer of the Month!

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