Trainer of the Month: Monika Chauhan

Warm congratulations to Monika Chauhan, our Trainer of the Month for February, who ran a fascinating workshop on the CPA approach to teaching mathematics. Many thanks Monika!

Each month we celebrate a member of our teaching community who has delivered an outstanding training experience for teacher trainees or professional peers. The title of Trainer of the Month is awarded based on professionalism, workshop evaluations and feedback.

Monika, who teaches mathematics at GEMS Millennium School, Sharjah, recently held a workshop there on the Concrete, Pictorial, Abstract (CPA) method of teaching math. Working through the three stages of learning, attendees were able to gain insight into how a child develops math skills at each age level – from working with tangible objects like unit blocks through to abstract calculation.

Monika explained how to recognize key features of the CPA approach, explore opportunities offered by the approach when problem-solving and finally to create a lesson plan which effectively utilizes the approach and be able to problem solve any issues.

The participants thoroughly enjoyed the session with one participant saying “I really appreciate the hard-work done by the trainer and her team, which has helped me in all ways to improve my professional skills.

A huge well done to Monika and thank you for a wonderful workshop.

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