Our Story

TELLAL was established in 2016, here in the UAE by teachers for teachers

Hi, my name is Dr. Linda Rush, SVP TELLAL Institute, and I would like to share with you TELLAL’s purpose, principles and programmes. But first I am going to answer a question I’m frequently asked “How did TELLAL get its name?”

TELLAL is an Arabic word meaning hills or small mounds, which, to us are a powerful way of visualising learning, which, for most, is rarely a straightforward, easy journey. It stands for Teacher Learning and Leadership for All. The ‘for all’ part speaks to our inclusive approach to growing teacher and leadership talent. So, TELLAL exists for one purpose only: to improve the quality of teaching and leadership in schools.

Through its dynamic development of dual English and Arabic programmes, supported by innovative technology, we train and develop teachers and school leaders to an international standard, meeting the growing global demand for quality learning and decisive leadership in schools. Our guiding principles foreground a capacity building approach, in which we operate at scale in an affordable and a sustainable manner. At the heart of what we do are similar value-based collaborative partnerships and a quality assured service.

TELLAL’s qualifying and certifying programmes support teachers and school leaders as part of their continuous improvement. The vision for TELLAL is bold and its reach is wide. We look forward to unlocking your potential, energising your learning and transforming your future.

Dr. Linda Rush

An Introduction To TELLAL
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