Our Story – Vision & Mission

TELLAL was established in 2016, here in the UAE by teachers for teachers

Hi, my name is Dr Linda Rush, SVP TELLAL Institute, and I would like to share with you TELLAL’s purpose, vision and mission. But first I am going to answer a question I’m frequently asked, “How did TELLAL get its name?”

TELLAL is an Arabic word meaning hills or small mounds,  and are a powerful way of visualising learning, which for most is rarely a straightforward, easy journey. It stands for Teacher Learning and Leadership for All. The ‘for all’ part speaks to our inclusive approach to growing teacher and leadership talent. So, TELLAL exists for one purpose only: to improve the quality of teaching and leadership in schools.

TELLAL’s Vision

  • The TELLAL institute exists to improve the quality of teaching in schools, first in the UAE as a whole and then further afield.
  • TELLAL’s intention is to be a high-quality provider that is able to deliver excellent teacher education and school leadership training, the status of which is assured to all stake-holders via full accreditation within the UAE and portability internationally.
  • TELLAL will be seminal in respect to the model of pre-service and in-service teacher training it is promoting with the potential of achieving a significant societal input and impact.

TELLAL’s Mission

TELLAL endeavours to deliver qualifications and certifications that are genuinely able to contribute to improving the quality of teaching in UAE schools (in the first instance) and regionally in a very practical and measurable way. This determines its priorities and influences significantly the programmes we develop and deliver. TELLAL has a long-term ambition for its work which is driven by its underlying principles and is committed to supporting and sustaining the regional education landscape.

The Institute’s Mission is to: 

  • Expand on the way teacher education, teacher professional development and education management meet future needs
  • Foster interdisciplinary, integrated thinking and innovative teaching and school leadership
  • Engage fully in the global community
  • Facilitate long-life learning for teachers and teacher educators
  • To act as a key mechanism in building a thinking and learning culture for schools and teachers
  • To assist in making teaching an attractive proposition
  • To develop challenging programmes of global teacher training and education management which include certification
  • To promote a global network model of teacher training and education
  • To plan and design rigorous evaluation and actively support and engage with critical inquiry

      TELLAL’s Value-Based Approach

      Fundamental to TELLAL’s values-based approach is the idea that everybody should be given the power in shaping how their educational community is designed. TELLAL is acutely aware of the crisis in the recruitment of teachers and the crisis globally to children having access to a good quality education. Core to our values is our concern with these crises in global education. It is in this context, teachers and aspiring school leaders are encouraged to take the opportunity for continuous professional learning and development and to ‘be the change’ they wish to see (Gandhi). This approach pays particular attention to their stories and networks and values and promotes the idea that transformation will only occur if it is coming from within.

      We believe that the following four key dispositions associated with this way of being are: to be resilient; resourceful; reflective; reciprocal lead towards “teachers as inquiry-driven innovators”.

      TELLAL’s functions include qualifying, certifying and Teacher Permit training programmes, categorised into five pillars and underpinned by our guiding principles of capacity building, scalability, sustainably and affordability:

      • Pre-service teacher training
      • In-service teacher training
      • Leadership development
      • Regulatory requirements support, research
      • Research and knowledge exchange

      The uniqueness of TELLAL’s approach within the context of the region is that we are:

      Context-Sensitive – Understand the local context,  Leaders and Teacher Standards, Arabic teaching and learning needs.  Links to external and internal assessments / judgements.

      Cutting-edge contemporary thinking on leader’s professional development centred around trust, transparency, quality and equity.

      Data-driven & multi-layered – Real-time insights for leaders to identify strengths / opportunities, track progress and assess impact. Hence allows real-time views at multiple levels – individual, school, cluster, group and system.

      Focus on continuous learning – Professional development is a continuum, not a one-time activity; leaders need to be facilitated with learning pathways and resources.

      Integrative – Links and stitches current silos around leader performance and learning pathways, creating an unparalleled holistic view.

      Scalable and Adaptable – Approach, processes and pathways can be moulded and contextualised to meet specific needs and build capacity in a sustainable manner.

        Through its dynamic development of dual English and Arabic programmes, supported by innovative technology, we train and develop teachers and school leaders to an international standard, meeting the growing global demand for quality learning and decisive leadership in schools. Our guiding principles foreground a capacity-building approach, in which we operate at scale in an affordable and a sustainable manner. At the heart of what we do are similar value-based collaborative partnerships and a quality assured service.

        TELLAL’s qualifying and certifying programmes support teachers and school leaders as part of their continuous improvement. The vision for TELLAL is bold and its reach is wide. We look forward to unlocking your potential, energising your learning and transforming your future.

        Dr. Linda Rush

        An Introduction To TELLAL
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