Abdelfatah Ghozlan

Teacher Training Manager (Arabic)

Abdelfatah Ghozlan leads the Arabic pre-service teacher training programme, and brings a new and unique perspective to the TELLAL team. His role involves visiting and supporting existing Arabic and Islamic teachers.

Abdelfatah holds a Bachelor’s degree in Education from Al-Azhar University in Cairo, a postgraduate diploma in Special Needs Education and a postgraduate diploma in Curriculum and Instruction from Alexandria University, Egypt.

Being awarded a Fulbright grant in 2015, he worked as an Arabic Teaching Assistant at Tougaloo College, USA, which enabled him to gain more insights into how Arabic is taught as a foreign language in a culturally and linguistically diverse environment. He led, organised and participated in cultural events at Tougaloo College and schools in Mississippi, USA, to raise students’ awareness of the Arab world by introducing them to the Arabic language and culture.

His enthusiasm to further pursue his passion for teaching and learning began while working as an English language teacher and through his 5-year tenure with the Egyptian Tourism Federation. During this time, he was involved in a national project to improve the language and communication skills of employees working in tourism.

  • النسخة العربية من موقعنا الإلكتروني سوف تتوفر قريبًا