Premise & Principles

The Institute does not exist to deliver (or broker) qualifications except where these are genuinely able to contribute to improving the quality of teaching and leadership in schools in a very practical and measurable way. This determines the priorities and influences significantly the choices of any partners with whom TELLAL work with. TELLAL’s functions include qualifying, certifying and teacher permit training programmes, categorised into five verticals and underpinned by our guiding principles of capacity building, scalability, sustainability and affordability.

Guiding Principles

  • Align provision closely with government regulation and direction.​
  • Customise service packages regionally to meet specific needs.​
  • Benchmark provision internationally.​
  • Continually use research and development to ensure products and services are flexible, relevant and aligned with the latest ideas in education and teaching.
  • Build on a solid foundation of quality management and control, audited to the highest international standards.​
  • Creating a global strategy and learning platform to guide the provision of teacher and leadership development, accreditation and international qualifications to create high performing educational systems.​


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