32 CPD Courses that Hit the Mark: Pedagogical Praxis Series

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Schools face unprecedented challenges to their induction process for teachers as a result of distance learning and the pandemic. Research suggested that opportunities for professional learning and development (CPD) are critical to retention and overall teacher satisfaction.   Whether you are a new teacher, a teacher returning to the profession, or want to enhance your teaching practice, TELLAL has developed professional learning and development online solutions that give teachers autonomy over their development path.

What is the Pedagogical Praxis Series?

The Pedagogical Praxis Series (PPS) offers a range of modules intended to develop teaching praxis in relation to a variety of research-based high leverage teaching practices (HLTPs).  Essentially they address a variety of practices in the basic fundamentals of teaching, across grades, subjects and contexts.  They enable teachers to develop advanced skills, no matter what they teach, which is why they are considered high leverage.  The PPS are a series of short courses that cover a standalone competency, providing a ‘menu’ from which a custom-made professional development experience can be crafted.  This way, teachers can focus on high leverage competencies that are relevant to their own specific needs and are offered in both English and Arabic.

Bespoke Training: Real Results

Even before 2020, teaching was a profession with unique challenges.  Fostering the most productive learning environments, with changing curriculums and diverse classrooms, often leave teachers in need of additional training or resources.   The spread of Covid-19 and the adoption of virtual learning or hybrid learning in socially distanced classrooms have added further pressures.  Much like parents, teachers want the best for their students, so they have gone above and beyond to ensure a continuity of learning.  But that commitment to adapting for improvement isn’t new.  For most teachers that is just the way, they approach their role, every single day.

That is why the Pedagogical Praxis Series is so valuable; it offers short online courses that can target specific areas in which growth is desired.  Teachers know their skills the best, so they know the ones they would like to develop the best. What if you are unsure about which course to take? Engage in our needs analysis alone or with your school leadership to craft a learning path that’s right for you.  Schools and teachers can tailor the courses to individual teacher requirements and save money on avoiding the ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to training (one they have already discarded in the classroom).

Pedagogical Praxis Series Modules

Designed to cater to individual needs and bespoke skill growth, there are a wide variety of modules available.  Each course takes approximately 8 – 10 weeks to complete, and are all available online.  Here is a list of the modules you can choose from:

  • PPS 1: Facilitating a group discussion (English & Arabic)
  • PPS 2: Modelling content, practices and strategies (English & Arabic)
  • PPS 3: Eliciting, interpreting and diagnosing student thinking (English & Arabic)
  • PPS 4: Enhancing student thinking through metacognition (English & Arabic)
  • PPS 5: Leveraging student backgrounds (English & Arabic)
  • PPS 6: Teaching differentiated and inclusive lessons (English & Arabic)
  • PPS 7: Providing positive feedback (English & Arabic)
  • PPS 8: Adjusting instruction (English & Arabic)
  • PPS 9: Scaffolding a positive learning environment (English)
  • PPS 10: Nurturing positive relationships (English)
  • PPS 11: Developing productive student behaviour (English)
  • PPS 12: Praise and coaching in the classroom (English)
  • PPS 13: Creating self-regulated learning opportunities (English)
  • PPS 14: Creating collaborative learning opportunities (English)
  • PPS 15: Creating cooperative learning opportunities (English)
  • PPS 16: Fostering peer-assisted instruction (English)
  • PPS 17: Planning and teaching with digital technology (English)
  • PPS 18: Fostering learners’ digital competence (English)
  • PPS 19: Digitally enhanced assessment (English)
  • PPS 20: Personalising with digital technology (English)
  • PPS 21: Leading effective meetings with parents (English)
  • PPS 22: Managing challenging conversations (English)

PPS 23-32: Available first Quarter of 2021

  • PPS23 Developing Students Communication Skills (English)
  • PPS24 Giving Constructive Commands and Instructions (English)
  • PPS25 Planning and Sequencing Lessons (English)
  • PPS26 Planning Collaboratively (English)
  • PPS27 Actioning a Lesson (English)
  • PPS28 Evaluating the Effectiveness of Teaching (English)
  • PPS29 Setting Goals for Learning (English)
  • PPS30 Monitoring Students Understanding (English)
  • PPS31 Designing and Administering Formal Assessments (English)
  • PPS32 Interpreting Assessment Information (English)


If you would like to talk to one of our team about taking one of our PPS modules, or discussing how the programme could be made available at your school as a subscription service,  do get in touch via phone on 04-403-5176 or email at teachertraining@tellalinstitute.com.

Justine May
Digital Learning Specialist and Executive Coach
32 CPD Courses that Hit the Mark: Pedagogical Praxis Series
Justine is a Digital Learning Specialist and Executive Coach passionate about supporting education institutions and corporate organisations to expand their reach and impact by creating professional learning solutions that are accessible, inspiring and practical. Justine is a consultant with Tellal and works primarily with the team to design and develop online professional development for inservice teachers.
32 CPD Courses that Hit the Mark: Pedagogical Praxis Series
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