Apprenticeship in Teaching Practice: Become a Teacher

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One of the most immersive routes to becoming a teacher is most definitely the Apprenticeship in Teaching Practice Qualification from TELLAL. This KHDA approved qualifying programme gives everyone the opportunity to start their career in education. Given how transformative and beneficial education is, there are so many reasons to become a teacher.   Are you already a teaching assistant? You could be looking for a career change or you are returning to work from a break? You might even be just starting out on your dream to become a teacher? Why not look inside the Apprenticeship in Teaching Practice programme (ATP) to find out why it might be right for you.

Blended Learning

There are several unique elements to TELLAL’s ATP Qualification. What stands out the most however is its structure and methodology. During the ten month duration, trainees truly experience an ‘apprenticeship’ of in-school training and mentoring. From day one, trainees work closely with our expert mentors as they develop from trainee to teacher. At the start, they also undertake an intensive nine day induction programme to prepare them for being in schools. During the Apprenticeship in Teaching Practice, trainees will experience two contrasting school placements. They could be schools that differ in size, age of students or curriculum to provide a range of experiences. Placements are often allocated with a particular trainee passion in mind, such as working with students of determination.

Expert Collaboration

At TELLAL we know the importance of maintaining educational standards and striving for innovation. That is why we make sure to partner with the best experts on all of our courses and training programmes. For the Apprenticeship in Teaching Practice Qualification we have pioneering tutors with decades of experience in education. The tutors work closely with schools to ensure the Apprenticeship in Teaching Practice maximises the potential for professional development. Our dynamic and engaging group of mentors attend regular face to face training sessions to take trainees through the theory of learning and teaching.

All trainees, from novice to existing teachers in need of a local qualification, will experience the highest levels of learning. No other programme can offer the same degree of innovative blended training that creates the best performing teachers. The success of the Apprenticeship in Teaching Practice Qualification can actually be measured in the numbers of trainees who manage to secure roles, sometimes even before the end of the programme.

Apprenticeship in Teaching Practice

There are two Apprenticeship Teaching Practice Qualification cohorts per calendar year, starting in January and September. If you are interested in pursuing this qualification, you can register to attend an information session to learn more about the requirements and components. You can also contact one of our team via +971 (0)4 403 5146, or via one of our social media channels Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin.

Jyoti Cropley
Teacher Training Manager
Apprenticeship in Teaching Practice: Become a Teacher
As Teacher Training manager at TELLAL, Jyoti is engaged with the development of pre-service teachers and leads the International Professional Certificate in Professional Practice for in-service teachers across the GEMS Network.
Apprenticeship in Teaching Practice: Become a Teacher
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