Celebrating Inspiring Teachers for International Women’s Day

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At TELLAL we know just how important teachers are when it comes to shaping future generations.  Many of us will remember the impact the teachers of our past had on the decisions we made and the experience we had.  As we celebrate International Women’s Day, it is the perfect opportunity to honour female inspiring teachers around the world.  Meet some of the phenomenal women who are encouraging, supporting and empowering students all over the globe:

Nurturing Talent: Laila Obaid Salem Mutawa Al Yamahi

In October 2019 Laila was the latest recipient of the Mohamed Bin Zayed Award for the best teacher in the Gulf Cooperation Council region.   An Arabic teacher based in Fujairah Laila stood out from the crowd. She developed strategies to nurture talent, started a book club and implemented plans to reflect UAE initiatives in her school.  Through her programmes, one of her students went on to become the Arab Reading Champion in the UAE.

Spreading Influence: Salima Begum

A staunch believer in promoting female education, Salima Begum has been an inspiring teacher in Gilgit, Pakistan for many years.  As well as teaching at the Elementary College for Women, she instructs more than 7,000 teachers across her province and 8,000 more throughout the country.  Salima insists on promoting activities outside of the classroom as well so that her students can build a community that believes learning is continuous.   She is another prize winning teacher, having been the recipient of the Varkey Foundation’s Global Teacher Prize

Making Connections: Andria Zafirakou

UK Teacher Andria Zafirakou firmly believes in the power of teachers and schools to shape children’s lives for the better.  Her focus is on how to build relationships that will foster trust and communication between teacher and student.  “Get your kids on board, connect with them, find out what it is that they’re interested in. Build the relationship, build that trust. And then everything else can happen.”  Winner of the 2018 Global Teacher Prize, Andria has learnt how to say the basic greetings in all of the 35 languages used by her students!

Breaking Barriers: Anne Sullivan

Some obstacles seem insurmountable, but some people refuse to give up.  Anne Sullivan was one such teacher who refused to give up.  In 1887 Anne was introduced the seven year old Helen Keller who had been left blind and deaf by illness.  Visually impaired herself, Anne worked with Helen to develop a technique that would work.  A key breakthrough was when she was able to finger spell ‘water’ on Keller’s hand as she ran water over her other.  Anne went on to teach her vocabulary, multiplication and how to read braille.  She then helped her write her famous autobiography, ‘The Story of My Life’.

Engineering Results: Tracy-Ann Hall

A unique and inspiring teacher, Tracy-Ann is a force to be reckoned with in Grant High School in Jamaica.  Originally trained as an automotive technician, Tracy-Ann is passionate about empowering her students to be whatever they want to be.  She has initiated programmes for her students to feed people on the street and build sidewalks.  In schools she started a junior automotive club and helped students start a school magazine.  She has also partnered with two car companies to provide opportunities for students from economically disadvantaged communities.

Inspiring teachers are the lifeblood of any community.  They have the power to shape the lives of our students for the better.  Inspiring teachers can ensure their impact encompasses students of all types is by expanding their learning techniques.  Training courses that enhance your skills by introducing you to innovative practices and methodologies will enable you to do more as a teacher.  That is exactly what you get with our High Leverage Teaching Practice Modules.  Available in both English and Arabic, these courses take you inside the latest evolutions in productive learning so you can inspire students even more.  If you would like to find out more about the courses and how to register, visit www.tellalinstitute.com, call +971 (0)4 403 5146 or email info@tellalinstitute.com.

Brittany Benincasa
Operations Manager
Celebrating Inspiring Teachers for International Women’s Day
Brittany Benincasa is the Operations Manager at TELLAL Institute. She is responsible for ensuring efficiency and smooth day-to-day operations across all of the TELLAL platforms.
Celebrating Inspiring Teachers for International Women’s Day
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