Exam Season & Hybrid Learning: Essential Tips to Success

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Given the diverse educational landscape of Dubai, and the range of curriculum options available, exam time isn’t always a fixed point for all students.  That said, we are definitely entering ‘exam season’, particularly for seniors looking towards the finals that could kick start their university careers.  With such potentially important milestones on the line, students, parents and teachers will be especially concerned about how to ensure they can get the results they want.  That pressure is only further exacerbated by recent events.  Students who are still dealing with remote or hybrid learning in their schools or institutions may be finding the prospect of exams even more daunting than usual.  To help alleviate some of those worries, we wanted to put together a guide on how to deal with exam season, no matter which learning model is supporting you.

The Impact of Hybrid Learning

Everyone can acknowledge the challenges that students and children have faced over the last two years.  In addition to the overall impact of the pandemic, schooling and education has been uniquely affected.  From the drastic reduction in essential sociability development to the issues with students accessing online learning, there are endless ways in which current pupils have had to work even harder to achieve the results they want.  Now in 2022, the realities of hybrid learning and the necessity for continuity of this methodology in the face of variants and required safety, are becoming more evident.  This means that students looking to graduate this year, and possibly next year, must adapt their exam preparations to accommodate hybrid learning and make the most out of their unique situation.

Top Tips for Exam Season

  1. Organise your space. Chances are that most students will have already found a designated place at home for their online classes or for doing homework.  But when it comes to retaining information during revision, you need to be extra careful about your environment.  Make sure you have created a space in which you can focus and aren’t close to distractions or noise.
  2. Find the gaps. One of the best ways to prepare is to begin by assessing your competencies in any particular subject.  By identifying the gaps in your knowledge or the areas in which you might struggle, you can ensure that you can cover them during revision sessions so you won’t struggle during the exam.
  3. Explore different ways to learn. At TELLAL we know better than most that everyone studies differently.  Students should make sure they have found the best methods that work for them.  That might mean organising study groups with friends, reading things out loud, sitting for practice tests or even explaining their answers to someone (ie a family member) to check their progress.  Having had two years of remote or hybrid learning, it should be easy for students to realise what things work best for them and to utilise those as much as possible during this crucial period.
  4. Consider the Pomodoro Technique. One of the top concerns for students is how to boost their productivity.  If you are investigating different methods to suit your style of learning, you might want to try the Pomodoro Technique.  This simple, yet effective, time management system is all about dividing up your attention span to maximise productivity and allowing for regular reward timings to reset, recharge and motivate for the next steps.  Just don’t forget to keep on top of your alarm clock!
  5. Healthy mind, healthy performance. To enhance your ability to absorb information and get ready for exam season it is a good idea to incorporate a healthy regime.  This should include taking regular breaks, rewarding progress, eating healthy brain food and drinking lots of water.
  6. Ask for help. When we feel disconnected it can seem even more difficult to reach out and ask for help from friends or teachers.  Even though you might not be able to meet in person, it is important to feel comfortable enough to ask for help.  Teachers, family and friends all want you to succeed, so if you feel stuck or confused, they will be there to assist you, even if that means jumping on a zoom.


Good luck!

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