Fun Engagement Learning During Covid-19

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As we settle into the reality of having our children studying and playing from home, parents are increasingly looking for ways to keep their children entertained after the school day is over. This extended home-stay can be tough on the whole family as parents juggle work, support children in the remote learning process, and try to find engaging ways to have some family fun. The pressure may be on, but not to worry. TELLAL has surveyed its staff and asked them what they do to keep their children busy. Here’s a list of our top picks.

Puzzle Progress

There is something to the old sayings ‘classic games never going out of style’. Jigsaw puzzles might have been around since 1880, but there couldn’t be a better time to bring them back!   From small ones to the world’s largest (50,000 pieces!), there are so many to choose from.  Whatever the skill level that suits your family, they are a great way to come together and stimulate key areas of the brain while having fun!

Green Fingers

Our access to the outdoors might be in flux right now, but engagement learning tasks in the fresh air are definitely good for our minds.  Luckily most of us will be able to access a balcony, a terrace or a garden, or perhaps a space for a window box?  This is a great time to help your children learn about lifecycles, the environment and food generation.  You could grow flowers, herbs, vegetables, fruits, crawling shrubs or even a cactus.  Your little ones will love seeing their work grow and learning how ecosystems live in a delicate balance.

Artsy Moments

It might not have the coolest reputation, but you might be surprised how engaging and immersive arts and crafts are!  We predict you could be fighting your children for paints, crayons or the glitter glue as you watch their creative side shine through!  You could even tie in some recycling elements, why not have the family go on a hunt for items around the house that could be up-cycled?  A fun activity that’s good for the planet!  Explore these DIY gems.

Culinary Creations

Cooking is a fantastic way to stimulate engagement learning in children .  It allows them to be creative whilst fuelling their cognitive thinking, problem-solving and understanding of safety.  From iftar feasts to sweet cupcakes, vegan experiments to cookies they could give to those in need, there are so many things to try.  Check out these ideas.

Travel the World

We know that might sound a little odd, but imagine the places you can go with a good book?  Why not use this time to introduce your children to the stories that you loved?  Foster their sense of discovery with journeys to faraway lands, new planets or exotic adventures.  You could even have a family book club where you read together and share your thoughts.

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Jade Peter-Swain
Associate Tutor and Trainer, Early Years
Fun Engagement Learning During Covid-19
Jade Peter-Swain is an Associate Tutor and Trainer for TELLAL and currently supports Early Years specialist route training and qualifications. She is also the founding Executive Principal and CEO of Little GEMS International Al Barsha, Dubai, a large 300-place preschool for children aged 0-4 years.
Fun Engagement Learning During Covid-19
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