Getting it Right: The Value of Training Techniques

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Learning and training are vital when it comes to expanding skill sets and capabilities.  By increasing an individual’s awareness and understanding of a subject, they can become better team members, managers and leaders.  Internal resources provide unrivalled experience and knowledge that is impossible to replicate; when teamed with the right training and the right training techniques, those individuals become even more irreplaceable.  But investing in training can be quite the mind-field, especially when you want to ensure the right results.  That is why training techniques are so important.  You need to ensure that when you invest in training for your team, they will learn, retain and utilise the information in the long term; so your institution or organisation can become even better.

The Right Training

As with any aspect of the academic pursuits, endless debates are always possible over the answers to any questions.  But, here at TELLAL, we know that one of the simplest answers to ‘what makes the right kind of training’ is engagement and retention.  These two facets are interlinked in terms of the training output.  The more a participant is able to retain the training material, the more likely they are to be able to put it into practice over the long term.  The more engaged a participant is with the training the higher their retention rate is.  Professor Donald Kirkpatrick, a past president of the American Society for Training and Development, created a four level module for training course evaluation – reaction, learning, behaviour, results.  This enduring concept tracks the efficacy of a training programme by how participants react to the material, learn to embrace it, include it in their behaviours moving forward and how that change can improve results for the individual and their institution’s performance.

Training Techniques that Work

According to a series of major studies on training, learnability and online training techniques, there are a series of key elements that can significantly improve the effectiveness and efficiency of training for participants, no matter the subject matter or industry.  As experienced providers of blended training programmes ourselves, all of these have been incorporated into the courses offered by TELLAL.  They are:

Technology-led Training – A key aspect that was already becoming essential in training technique innovation, the use of technology has been even more ‘supercharged’ by the events of the past year.  Virtual learning is now not just a highly efficient tool, with vastly higher retention and engagement rates, it is frequently more in demand to accommodate the new normal.  Not to mention it is an extremely cost-effective training methodology.

Mentor Support – An experienced and inspiring mentor that is included as part of the training programme can be an invaluable asset.  This individual can connect with the participant with their own real life experiences and provide trusted, transparent answers to questions, as well as realistic expectations of what the next steps will be.

Simulation TrainingThis technique gives participants a safe, controlled environment, tailored to their societal understandings, in which to experience real world scenarios that they can react to and then receive real time feedback on.

On-site Development – There are a wide variety of options that are available with on-the-job elements of training, from short sessions to shadowing to assistance.  Finding the right fit for your needs will greatly enhance the engagement of participants as the on-site environment will be the most productive for their learning.


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Abeer Sakka
Senior Manager - Quality Assurance
Getting it Right: The Value of Training Techniques
Abeer Sakka is a Teacher Training Manager at TELLAL Institute, working both within the Arabic Qualifying Programmes and the Leadership Academy, focusing on the development and deployment of the TELLAL provisions in Arabic.
Getting it Right: The Value of Training Techniques
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