Getting to know the UAE

Getting to know the UAE

So you’ve just moved here to the United Arab Emirates, you’ve got the job, you’ve got the apartment, you’ve worked out where the staff bathrooms are and maybe got the hang of the kids in your classroom, it’s time to dive into the country you’ve just decided to make home.  Maybe you’ve visited before or perhaps this is your first time here ever, either way, we rounded up a few essential facts for you to know so you can learn more about exactly where you have ended up.

A little bit of history…

The United Arab Emirates was founded on 2nd December 1971 as a federation following the withdrawal of Britain in 1968.  Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, widely considered to be ‘the Father of the UAE’ was responsible for not only uniting the tribes and emirates under this banner, but for transforming this Bedouin nation into the cosmopolitan centre of innovation you see today.  His vision was to utilise the natural resources of the country and its unique geographical location to build a country that could rival other civilised nations and act as a conduit and collaborator between the East and West. 

A little bit of nature…

Falcons are very special birds in the UAE. Since their days of helping Bedouins hunt in the desert, they have become the official symbol on the country’s emblem and are a treasured pastime still today.  In fact, the sport is so popular there is a dedicated Falcon hospital in Abu Dhabi that treats over 11,000 falcons a year.    

A little bit of culture…

Despite the common misconception that the UAE is just cities of skyscrapers and self-driving cars, there are so many different places to soak up culture in the UAE.  If its art that you love, don’t miss a visit to The Louvre on Yas Island, browse the galleries by the Creek or check out Art Night in the DIFC.  If music is your passion, you can indulge a variety of genres at the Dubai Opera House, listen to orchestras play in the mountains near RAK or catch a series of concerts at Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi. 

A little bit of fun…

There is so much to do across the whole of the UAE, no matter what your favourite way to spend your time is. From indoor skiing at Mall of the Emirates to snorkelling at Snoopy Island in Fujairah, from white water rafting in Al Ain to camel racing in Liwa and from safari hunting at Bani Yas Island to pearl diving in Ras Al Kamiah; the possibilities are endless.  So whether you want to try a new adventure, learn a new skill or join a sports team – there is never a dull moment when the UAE is your home. 

What have you been up to since you arrived in the UAE?  Have you discovered any great activities or groups, seen something that surprised you?  What places would you recommend to others?  Tell us your experiences and let’s talk about everything UAE. 

Deborah Hennigan
Head of QA, Startups and Licensing
Getting to know the UAE
In her role at TELLAL, Deborah responsibilities include the up-skilling of in-service teachers and leaders on a needs basis, managing and quality assuring the central training calendar, and coordinating GEMS’ subject networks.
Getting to know the UAE

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