Inside the TELLAL Diploma in Global Teaching Practice (DGTP)

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Our top priority at TELLAL is to provide innovative and comprehensive training programmes that help to drive the standards of educational excellence both locally and internationally.  We know how vital teachers are to shaping future generations and promoting healthy societal development.  Following the unbelievable challenges of the past twelve months, the hard work and dedication of our teachers has become even more evident.  In the diverse and multi-cultural landscape of the UAE, finding passionate and engaging teachers can make all the difference.  That is why we are delighted to announce the launch of our new TELLAL Diploma in Global Teaching Practice.

Make a Difference

The newly enhanced TELLAL Diploma in Global Teaching Practice is suitable for a wide range of potential candidates.  Perhaps you are hoping to pursue your dream of becoming a teacher after university?  You might be an experienced teacher whose current qualification isn’t recognised in the UAE?  Perhaps you have decided to re-train and take on teaching as a second career, able to share your vast experience and wisdom?  Whatever your reasonings, the DGTP could be for you.  Since the TELLAL Diploma in Global Teaching Practice is awarded by Qualifi and approved by both KHDA and Ofqual it means that participants can be confident of obtaining the right qualification to begin their teaching journey in Dubai.  You can even attend an information session to find out if you have the right credentials and how the course will be delivered.

Innovative Approach

The TELLAL Diploma in Global Teaching Practice is an exciting and innovative programme that utilises a cutting-edge blended learning approach to provide participants with a productive and lasting learning experience.  Delivered as a full-time course, the DGTP offers participants a balance of expert TELLAL Trainer theory sessions and in-school placement sessions.   This blend of real-world practice and theoretical discovery provides a more engaging process that will help generate vital self-awareness and skill development.  Participants are also supported by an experienced teacher throughout their placement, who will act as their mentor.

DGTP Introduction

By drawing on contemporary thinking regarding learning and the most successful high leverage practices, the TELLAL Diploma in Global Teaching Practice is the ideal choice for those looking to begin a lasting career in education.  It is designed to inspire and promote, creating an environment in which learning is an engaging experience in which participants discover how to truly support the students that will one day be in their classrooms.

Within the DGTP course, there will be ten conceptual sub-units that are intended to provide a critical understanding of the core components of effective, engaging pedagogy.  They are:

  1. Learning Theory: Participants will be introduced to a variety of learning theories that underpin interactions in the classroom setting
  2. Behaviour Management for Learning: Participants will explore the theory underpinning classroom relationships and behaviour management, applying that knowledge to real-life scenarios
  3. Theory of a Learner-Centred Approach: Participants will look at the role of the teacher as facilitator in a learner-centred classroom and explore solutions needed to overcome any challenges with that approach
  4. Lesson Planning and Unit Planning: Participants will analyse effective lesson plan structures, describe key elements and investigate objective-based lessons
  5. Assessment for Learning and Feedback: Participants will research and analyse principles of assessment for learning including: learning objectives, success criteria, questioning, feedback, peer and self-assessment
  6. Differentiation: Participants will define the concept of differentiation and describe its importance in the classroom
  7. Use of Questioning: Participants will explore the theory of questioning and define and describe different types of questions
  8. Inclusion: Participants will compare and contrast differentiation and inclusion and reflect on the importance of creating an inclusive learning environment particularly for English Language Learners, Children of Determination, Lower Ability Students and Gifted and Talented Students
  9. Situation Cognition and the Culture of Learning: Participants will analyse situated cognition theories of cognitive apprenticeship, anchored instruction and project-based learning
  10. Curriculum Studies: Participants will reflect on their subject knowledge relating to the curriculum of their professorial placement school, identify gaps and plan strategies to secure knowledge and develop instructional approaches


If you would like to talk to one of the TELLAL team about our new Diploma in Global Teaching Practice, course information sessions or how to register, please get in touch via +971 (0)4 403 5146 or

Jade Peter-Swain
Head of the TELLAL Early Years Academy
Inside the TELLAL Diploma in Global Teaching Practice (DGTP)
A highly experienced Early Years Leader, Trainer and Assessor, Jade currently oversees the strategic management of TELLAL Institute’s Early Years Academy which provides Professional Learning and Development opportunities for Early Years Educators, Early Years education product design as well as supporting Early Years strategic direction for GEMS Education.
Inside the TELLAL Diploma in Global Teaching Practice (DGTP)
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